November 11, 2009

Jones answers for Nebraska performance

Landry Jones will spend this week trying to recover from his first rough outing as Oklahoma's starting quarterback. The Sooner signal caller had an off night against Nebraska and earlier this week, he underwent his first meeting with the media where he was asked to answer the tough questions about his performance. How will Jones rebound?

Q: Obviously it was a tough night on Saturday. Was there one of those picks you had that stuck with you over the weekend?
Landry Jones:
All of them kind of stuck with me.

Q: Have you talked to Sam about this? He had a couple of games his first season where he was sub-normal. Do you have to have the understanding that this is part of the process?
Well, I would like to have it not a part of the process. But things like that happen and you learn from it, move on and forget about it.

Q: Have you talked to Sam about it?
No I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him about it because after the game I didn't really feel like talking to anyone about it. I was really upset about it and it can't happen again.

Q: How do you put a game like that behind you?
You have to learn from it and get better by it. Then once you learn from it and remember the mistakes that you made, you really have to put it behind you and move on with the next snap, the next game.

Q: Is the challenge keeping your confidence?
Yeah, you always have to act like you're the guy around here. You have to keep your confidence sky high and expect it from your teammates as well.

Q: It looked like everything down the middle was high the other night. Was it a technique issue, or was it their pass rush that forced those?
It was one of things where I was a little off, just missing the ball high. I can't really say much about it. I just missed them and missed a lot of them high over the middle. You can't do that.

Q: Did you ever have a game in your high school career where you struggled like that?
I can't remember having played a game as bad as Saturday. Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

Q: We're you ever confused, we're you rattled? Did you ever wonder to yourself why you guys couldn't find any bit of success?
It's just one of those things where we made a couple of mistakes and we just tried to keep playing, and it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to.

Q: What happened when you guys got inside the 40 yard line? You guys were in Nebraska territory all night long, but it seemed like once you were deep in their zone you guys hit a wall.
Obviously it starts with the turnovers by me, that was one of the things that happened. Then we had some critical penalties that hurt us and put us into third-and-long, and we didn't convert when we needed to.

Q: Did you ever feel like you began pressing, trying to force something to happen?
Maybe. I was just trying to go out there and make plays when they presented themselves to me. I tried to stay within myself and within the offense.

Q: The fourth down play where you ran the pitch to Demarco (Murray), it seemed like you could have taken that and gone up the middle. Did you see that at all, or did you just run the play as it was called?
That was just the play that we called.

Q: Do you guys have a silent count where you goose Ben (Habern) and have him snap it immediately? Something you can call at any time.

Q: The injuries keep piling up on this offense, what are your thoughts on losing Brody (Eldridge) for the year?
It's a big blow obviously losing a guy like that. He's a veteran, a guy who's been around here for a long time and he's one of the leaders on this offense. He'll be missed on this offense and we'll keep him in our prayers, but we have to move on and get ready for Texas A&M.

Q: One of the things it seemed the line did well last Saturday was pass protect.
Yeah, the o-line did a good job. They all played hard and you can't fault them for their effort. They all played really well and they all played hard.

Q: On that hail mary at the end, did you miss the call? Coach Wilson said he called for a play to (Ryan) Broyles underneath.
It was one of those things where I just rushed myself. I don't know, maybe I got a little bit greedy and wanted to take a shot and missed it. That's definitely on me though, the end of that game is definitely on me.

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