November 18, 2009

Johnson concerned about momentum

The Georgia Tech football team held their second bye week practice as they began their prep for the upcoming game with Georgia. Heading into the big instate showdown, head coach Paul Johnson is a little concerned about the team losing their momentum after winning eight straight games in eight weeks.

"We had a lot of stuff going for us so you hope you don't loose your momentum," Johnson said. "I think they are [more refreshed], but we will know more tomorrow. We will go tomorrow and then we will take some time off and come back Monday. Hopefully they will be raring to go."

On the injury front, center Sean Bedford who sprained his ankle in the Duke game was off his crutches and walking normal in a brace after practice. Bedford worked out on the sideline and Johnson says he may have been able to play if the game was this week.

"Hopefully we will see [with injuries]. Bedford would have been close this week and maybe with a few days off he will be good to go," Johnson said. "I think he was probably the only one who was close."

The Jackets are clearly focused on the Georgia game and Johnson said he does not care if they face Clemson or Boston College in the ACC Championship game in three weeks in Tampa.

"I don't have any idea. We will worry about that when we get through with Georgia," Johnson said of the potential ACC Championship opponents.

Nesbitt's transition

Coach Johnson briefly discussed quarterback Josh Nesbitt's transition to a triple option quarterback after practice Tuesday.

"You learn through repetition and doing it," he said. "You play and you learn where the shot is coming from and you learn just like anybody. Once you have done it, you kind of know. It is different than if you just stand back there and get hit from the blindside where you are not used to getting hit. You have to learn get down and do all those things you learn when you run the ball."

Johnson says Nesbitt was no stranger to scrambling in high school and that helped him make the transition to a more run oriented attack.

"It depends on what you have done. There are a lot of quarterbacks who that is what they have done. They run around, scramble, and take off with the ball. Those kinds of things," he said. "Josh is an athlete and he has clearly done some of those things in the past."

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