November 24, 2009

Murray talks about bouncing back for Bedlam

Demarco Murray has seen plenty of ups and downs during his Sooner career. Few moments have been more difficult than the one experienced last weekend in Lubbock. But with Bedlam approaching, there is little time for Oklahoma and Murray to focus on the negative. Murray talked on Monday about the Bedlam matchup, bouncing back and some of the seniors he'll take the field with for the last time on Saturday.

Q: How much pride do you take in this 29-game winning streak that you currently hold? Is it something you guys are aware of and talk about?
Demarco Murray:
We don't talk about it too much but I think we take a lot of pride in it and I think we're going to come out and play hard just like any other game. We're going to try our best to protect that home-winning streak. But we don't talk too much about it, I think I've heard coach talk about it once. Oklahoma State's a big rival game so we're going to come out and play hard regardless.

Q: Now that the road portion of your schedule is over with, when you look back on those games, why do you think you guys struggled so much to find a rhythm offensively?
When we watch film it turns out to be all of the small things. We start off pretty well, and then as the game goes on we get behind and things tend to not go our way, and people start to do things we just can't have. And it starts with me. I watched film today over the Tech game and I saw stuff I've never done since I've arrived here. We're not used to it I guess and it's just getting out of synch. We just have to stay focused.

Q: A lot of people around the country said after Saturday's loss, that it might have been the first time they had ever seen a Bob Stoop's team quit. When you guys hear that, what goes through your mind?
I hadn't actually heard that but Coach Stoops did mention it to us today. I think that's definitely not the case. This team will never give up no matter what the circumstances are. Tech was the better team on Saturday. They out-played us and they out-coached us, they were the better team on Saturday.

Q: I know bedlam means a lot to the in-state players on this team, but for you and the other out-of-state players, how big is this game against Oklahoma State? Is it right behind Texas in rivalry status?
Well Coach Stoops always plays us videos on this week about the history of this rivalry so I'm still learning about what all has gone on between us and Oklahoma State. But I do realize that it's a pretty important game around here to the fans and obviously these in-state kids. Yea, I think you could put it up there near Texas. But I'm going to approach it just like I do any other game. I'm going to work hard and prepare hard just like we're playing any other team in this tough conference. But definitely having played in a couple of these, it will be a little more loud and a little more intense out there.

Q: Seeing the way that Patrick O'Harra's kicked the last two weeks, how much pressure does that take of you guys on the offense, especially in third down situations? When you get near the scoring zone, do you now feel pretty confident that you'll be walking away with points?
He's been playing really well kicking the ball and getting points for us. I think who he helps the most is Landry. Like you said, on third down, I think Landry feels like he doesn't have to force anything or try and make something out of nothing. He feels like once we cross the 30 that we have a good shot of putting points up on the board.

Q: Knowing the struggles that you guys have had, how surprising was it that after his (O'Harra's) 47-yard field goal you guys still couldn't find a spark?
It was surprising, but like I said, we have to stay focused. We're getting out of synch and falling behind way too early in these games. I feel like there's a lot of us out there doing our own things, and not sticking to the game plan, including myself. I'm not trying to put anyone down, it's not just one person, it's the whole team. We have to stay more focused.

Q: It seems like over the past two seasons, every time the team struggled with running the ball, they would bounce back and have a good performance the next week. What does the team need to do this week to bounce back from Tech and have a positive performance against Oklahoma State?
We just have to be more physical in front. Each guy has to take pride in blocking his man up front. As running backs, we have to be more physical as well, we have to move the pile and we also have to work better at making guys miss.

Q: From watching film, what does Oklahoma State bring to the table defensively? Is it a better defense than you've seen from them in the past?
Yeah, I think they have seven seniors on this team and they're front seven, with their guys up front and the line backers are pretty good. They're definitely an improved defense since the past two or three seasons that I've been here. They're going to be a lot more physical than any team they've brought in here before, but we'll wait and see Saturday.

Q: As an underclassman, what do you think this game will mean to the guys playing their final home game?
I think it's all about getting another win. Looking ahead to it, I'm real close with Chris and I know this is his last game. I'm going to play my ass off for Chris, he deserves to leave here with a big victory. He's been around here for four years and worked extremely hard and I know he wants this more than anything.

Q: You've played in several of these senior games, can you tell once the game starts that there's a little different emotion brought to the table?
Yeah, it's always a little more emotional. It's the last home game for those guys here at the University of Oklahoma. They've put so much effort, blood and tears into this program and they know this will be the last time they run onto that field. I definitely think it gives us a little bit of an edge going into the game.

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