January 10, 2010

Boisture on All-American game and MSU enrollment

SpartanMag.com was able to catch up with U.S Army All-American Bowl member and future Spartan quarterback Joe Boisture of Saline high School. Boisture gave us some information about the week and what his plans are for the coming weeks. Find out the latest.

As many Spartanmag.com subscribers know, Boisture was unable to participate in the All-American Bowl Game to a back injury suffered earlier this year. The back injury grew progressively worse and he was told it was 50/50 that he would need surgery depending on how he responds to treatment. SpartanMag.com asked Boisture about his back

"It is feeling better; I think the time off has helped. As soon as I get up to Michigan State I will begin with my therapy program up there. I am looking forward to it, classes start on Monday. I will be rooming with Leveon Bell."

So how has the Army All-0Amercvian week gone despite not being able to practice/play?

"It has been tough because I would like to be out there, but overall it has been a lot fun and a great experience. I have met a lot of great people and overall I am really glad I came down"

Boisture has been able to participate in all of the off field events and he was actually a finalist for the Blanchard Davis Award which goes to the player that best epitomize the Army's high standard of excellence in community service, education and athletic distinction.

Has the back injury impacted about how you think about your decision to attend Michigan State?

"Well one of the nice things about going to State is that I do not have to worry about coming in and having to play right away. With Kirk and Keith Michigan state has two great quarterbacks. I can come in and just work on getting healthy, learning the offense and making myself a better player. I think it is a great situation for me."

Boisture is well aware that Michigan State is looking to put the finishing touches on the class of 2010. He also knows that the Spartans will be hosting a big contingent of top recruits this coming weekend. We asked him if he would mind hosting or helping out some of the top uncommitted prospects

"I think that would be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it. I know Coach Dantonio likes to have the committed players and the uncommitted players on campus together so they can get to know each other."

Some have been critical of Boisture recently for his senior year and others have said he is said that at 6-foot-6, 200-pounds he is too skinny. Boisture talked about that.

"Everyone has critics, you can please everyone. I am looking forward to working out at Michigan State. I know when Kirk Cousins arrived at Michigan State he weighed 171-pound and now he is a pretty thick kid (205), so I am not worried about."

Boisture also asked SpartanMag.com about how Justice Hayes performed at the All-American Combine the day before. When we asked Boisture about Hayes he had the following to say.

"Yes, he is a good friend of mine and I am glad he did well. He is a great player."

No doubt Boisture will be hoping to have Hayes in the backfield with him at Michigan State in the near future.

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