February 9, 2010

Wofford enjoying the process

As the ink dries on the 2010 recruiting class the Houston Cougars staff is already waist deep into the evaluations for the 2011 class. One of the earliest offers to be sent out in the class was to Cedar Park offensive tackle Matt Wofford who recently attended Houston's first junior day for the 2011 class and had great things to say about the trip.

"I thought it went really well," said the 6-foot-7. 296 pound Wofford. "Coach Anderson made a real good impression. He seems like a very experienced real good coach. Coach Sumlin is real awesome as well. He just signed a six year deal, so that tells me the coaching staff is stable and are going to be there a long time."

As impressed as Wofford was with the stability of the coaching staff at Houston, it was a few things Sumlin told him about the process in which the staff chooses who to offer and what stands out to them when picking recruits that stood out to the talented junior.

"Coach Sumlin talked a lot about how he chooses recruits," said the massive tackle. "It really sounded like he values the right things in a recruit. He said he looks at attendance in class, which is a big thing for me. I have almost perfect attendance. He told us that if a player is not going to bother to show up for class now, then how are they going to rely on you to show up in college. That really struck a nerve with me because it is so true. He also told me that they very rarely lose recruits because they don't force players into committing. They just tell it how it is and if your going to commit, then your going to commit. That really showed me a lot and I really believe in that."

Wofford says the moment when he found out that he had received his first college football scholarship offer (from Houston) is extremely clear to him.

"I remember it specifically," he said. "We were doing team drills in practice and coach Ross called me over and told me the offer was coming and my face lit up real big and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I think for a school to make a kid an offer who doesn't have any other offers, I think that is taking a big risk and I am just so glad that Houston did that for me. Coach Sumlin told me that they believe in the people they offer so that really meant a lot to me."

Wofford is enjoying the junior day circuit right now and has a very busy schedule in the coming weeks.

"Well, I was obviously at Houston's junior day a couple weekends ago," he said. "I was at Arkansas last week. I will be at SMU this Saturday and I am looking at Rice I think sometime in March and possibly Oklahoma State in a couple weekends."

Coming from a program like Cedar Park which has become known in recent years for turning out collegiate talent year after year. Wofford has had the opportunity to speak to those from the 2010 class who recently signed and get some advice as to how to handle the recruiting process.

"I a sure you know Dom, (Dominic Espinosa center who recently signed with Texas) he played in the Army all-american game. When I got my first offer from Houston, he wanted to tell my day before me, so I let him. Obviously he is experienced and knows what is going on. We've talked a lot about what you need to do to get where you want to go and he has been helping the O-line out as far as the recruiting process."

Wofford has a few key points that the school he choses will be able to meet and he looks for them in every school he comes into contact with.

"I am looking to major in business and marketing," he said. "So, hopefully the school has a good business school. Obviously I also want the good offensive line coach who is experienced in the game and who I feel can help me play to the best of my abilities. I also want a head coach that is really interested in the welfare of his players. Those are my big three."

As far as a time frame for when he would like to make a decision, Wofford says he will know when he is ready.

"When I find it, I think I'll just know."

Wofford was named as second team all-district for 16-5A in 2009 and is throwing shot for his track team as well.

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