March 21, 2010

Q&A with Jordan Love

Jordan Love hoped he would be able to make a quick impact with Georgia last fall, before a foot injury took care of those plans.

As the Bulldogs continue spring drills Tuesday at the team's Woodruff Practice Facility, Love is healthy and back in the thick of the competition for playing time.

Below, check out what the Virginia native had to say in this Q&A with reporters last week.

Q - How healthy are you now?

A - "I'll definitely be 100 percent by preseason. Now, I'm probably 80 percent. It's been a little sore, but while I'm practicing, it's good."

Q - How has the recovery gone with your injury?

A - "I hurt it my junior year and they told me then if I hurt it again I would probably have to have surgery and that's what happened."

Q - What kind of opportunity do you see for yourself this year?

A - "With the new coaches, basically you have to prove yourself all over again. Everybody's really back to square one."

Are you excited about having more opportunities?

A - "I was definitely eager to get back. The trainers said if it ever hurt to calm back down, but its felt really good and that's got me really excited about competing."

Q - Is the competition different than it was during fall camp last year?

A - "Definitely. Last year, everybody basically knew who was going to be t he starters. Now, we don't know who are going to get what spots. Everybody's out there fighting real hard; it's real healthy competition."

Q - What is working with Coach (Scott) Lakatos like?

A - "He was up at UConn when I was getting recruited, so I knew a little bit about him. He didn't recruit me personally, but I had been up to UConn, a couple of times whatever."

Q - What's his style of coaching?

A - "Basically, we go out there as cornerbacks. When the ball's in the air he teaches you to get your head around. Last year we were playing with the hands to the receivers, so that was a little bit of adjustment that I had to make."

Q - Being a corner in the 3-4, you have to be more aggressive. Do you think that plays into your strengths?

A - "Definitely. I like pressing because I don't really like sitting back in a zone because I'm not really that patient. Whenever I get a chance to step up and jam a receiver, I really like that."

Q - Did you jam much last year, or not really?

A - "We did a little bit, but right now we're jamming a lot."

Q - Are the corners now adjusting well to that philosophy?

A - "I'm one of the taller corners, probably the tallest and I've got long arms. I think that plays into my strengths. I just try to get my hands on a receiver and working him any way I want to."

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