April 29, 2010

Brown Hearing From the Sooners

While locks like Kendall Thompson and Kameel Jackson were in attendance at Oklahoma's spring game, there were several new faces that made the trip to Norman as well. Among the high school juniors that were in attendance was Irving Macarthur's Jalen Brown.

The 6-foot, 173-pound defensive back is one of the top prospects to come out of Macarthur in the past several years. Head coach Bob Stoops and company took the spring game as an opportunity to better get to know the kid and find out if it is worth sending an offer his way.

"I had a real good time," Brown said. "It was a really good weekend for me. I got to see a lot of the facilities and I got to see most of the coaches."

Along with Stoops, Brown was able to meet up with defensive backs coach Willie Martinez for the first time.

"They were just getting to know me better and saying different stuff about how many players [B](Coach Martinez)[B] coached and how those players continue to be good."

"I think he's a pretty good coach. He seems like he's a very excited coach and seems like he is very excited about working with potential and just making me better and improving me, making sure I'm ready for the NFL."

The young defensive back also had great things to say about defensive coordinator Brent Venables.

"Oh I like coach Venables. He's a pretty cool coach. I liked his personality a lot and he showed me around campus and all that. He made me feel comfortable at OU."

"I liked the campus a lot, it was a pretty cool campus. I liked the dorms and all that and how the dorms are right next to the field. It's like in the center of the football facilities, so that seems like a pretty cool thing that they aren't far away from the school and campus and all of that."

Although he was not offered while in Norman, Brown has had no problem picking up some attention from Division I schools. Right now, he has around 10 offers, he said, including Kansas, Kansas State, Texas A&M and Notre Dame. He said he is not discouraged by the lack of an offer and thinks he is on the right track to receiving one.

"They said they're not going to offer me yet, but they're talking about it. Coach Martinez, he just got there and he's seen me, but he hadn't like talked to me personally and seen me in person and all that. But they said they like my play and all. I wouldn't mind getting offered by them."

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