May 24, 2010

Fiedorowicz seeking playing time

Tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz has one goal in mind for the upcoming season and that is to get on the field and play as a true freshman. The 6-foot-7, 260-pound Illinois native is moving to Iowa City two days after high school graduation in order to workout with the team all summer long. Fiedorowicz talks about starting his career at Iowa, what number he will be wearing, and much more.

Q: How soon do you graduate?


Q: What's it been like as you wrap up high school this month?

FIEDOROWICZ: It's been good. I didn't play any spring sports because I wanted to train and get ready for my freshman year. I'm going to get over there early so I can get started.

Q: Are you moving out there right after graduation?

FIEDOROWICZ: Yeah, I think June 6.

Q: Are you staying there most of the summer?

FIEDOROWICZ: Yeah. I'm there up until July 2 and then I come home Fourth of July weekend. Then I'm back up there the rest of the time until probably about December.

Q: What's it been like as you get into the workout program that Iowa sent you?

FIEDOROWICZ: It's different. I was lifting before, but now I've got something to follow and it's a lot better and getting me ready for what's to come.

Q: Have you already noticed some gains just in the time you've been doing it?

FIEDOROWICZ: Yeah. I feel like I've gotten faster and my legs have gotten a lot stronger from all of the leg workouts and jumping rope.

Q: What's your weight at right now?


Q: Is that a good weight for your freshman year probably?

FIEDOROWICZ: Yeah. Hopefully, I can get up to 265 maybe.

Q: How often do you talk with the coaches?

FIEDOROWICZ: Probably about once a week. They usually catch up on what I'm doing in school and how things are going.

Q: What have they told you as far as possibly playing time this year?

FIEDOROWICZ: They've just said if I work hard, I'm going to play.

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