July 27, 2010

GoldandBlack.com Audio: Joe Gilliam

INDIANAPOLIS - Linebacker Joe Gilliam certainly doesn't have a problem with productivity, which he showed earlier this month at the Indiana North-South All-Star game.

There, he had 15 tackles, more than triple the second-highest total, as his South squad lost a double-overtime triller to the North. Below, Gilliam talks about the game and his plans at Purdue.

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Transcription below ...

GoldandBlack.com: What is your upcoming plan, as far as getting to Purdue?
"I'll be leaving on the 6th, that's when camp is and the time I have to report, so that's when I'll be up there."

GoldandBlack.com: So what will you be doing in the meantime?
"Just working out, getting my stuff ready to go to get there, stay big, get faster."

GoldandBlack.com: You looking forward to training camp and getting things started?
"I'm very excited to get my feet wet and see what I can do with the big boys."

GoldandBlack.com: You'd already been to Purdue some, right?
"Yeah, I was there for a couple weeks, I had an orientation I went up there for training. I kind of learned the Purdue way, so that was good."

GoldandBlack.com: What kind of things you trying to learn before training camp starts?
"I'm just trying to soak up as much as I can from the linebackers that are there, and the defense, everything."

GoldandBlack.com: You feel like you're joining a pretty good linebacker crew already, and one that you can add something to?
"I think it's a very good linebacker crew. The three linebackers that we have coming in are very good athletes, and I think we have good athletes there, we'll just add to it."

GoldandBlack.com: Everyone hopes to play as a true freshman, but are you hoping to at least come in and play special teams, if not a little of linebacker?
"I'm hoping, like you said, at least a little bit of special teams, if not linebacker. I just want to put my foot in there and help a little bit."

GoldandBlack.com: What do you think will be the key to doing that?
"Show that I'm there and work hard every day, show that I'm ready to play."

GoldandBlack.com: Was it nice to be able to play with Charles (Torwudzo) and see Ryan (Isaac) over on the other side, with the three of you coming in to play at Purdue?
"It was very nice. I had an exciting time, week with Charles. I didn't get to see Ryan as much, but I still talked to him some, so that's pretty good. It was good to play with all those guys that I'll play with in the future."

GoldandBlack.com: Will you play inside or outside linebacker?
"I'll be playing outside linebacker."

GoldandBlack.com: You've played a little of both, right?
"For my first three years playing, I played outside, but last year I played inside. I'm more of an outside guy."

GoldandBlack.com: You just feel more comfortable there?
"Yes, that's kind of what I am, outside linebacker, speedy, pretty good size."

GoldandBlack.com: You seemed pretty talkative out there tonight. Is that something you like to do, lead?
"Yeah, I like to lead and make sure everybody was on the same page. That was kind of my job this week. I was a captain and calling the plays, so I was just making sure everyone was on the same page and knew their assignments."

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