August 11, 2010

Hall learned lesson in classroom

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall learned quite a bit during the course of his freshman season at Ohio State, a year in which he cracked the rotation on the offensive front.

He learned even more, however, when he came dangerously close to possibly falling academically ineligible before the commencement of fall camp a few weeks ago.

"I did have some academic problems," Hall admitted Sunday at Ohio State's photo day at Ohio Stadium. "I am handling them now and in the future I should be good."

Hall found himself nervous he wouldn't catch the grades to participate in fall camp, a crucial three-week period in which he is involved in the position battle for the starting left tackle spot.

Rumors spread that Hall had already falling academically ineligible and wouldn't participate in fall camp, but the lineman cracked down on his schoolwork to make sure he wouldn't miss any time.

There was a time, though, where Hall was nervous he might not be with his teammates practicing now.

"I was definitely nervous. It was definitely a wakeup call," Hall said of his academics. "Sometimes you may get relaxed, but I just needed that wakeup call to buckle down on the academics."

Hall attributed his struggles to a lack of focus in the classroom, but said he has since become more comfortable handling his responsibilities on and off the football field.

Though he admitted that academics don't come as naturally as football to him, Hall was confident he would be fine in the classroom in the future.

"In the classroom just I just need to focus," Hall said. "Focusing on football comes so easily but academics isn't my best thing. That's no excuse, I just need to focus more and buckle down on the books.
"I can look at it as a bad thing," he continued, "but in the long run in the future I know now that it is no joke and it is nothing to play with."

The coaching staff is most likely relieved that Hall is currently practicing with the team, especially with the race for left tackle still undecided.

While both Mike Adams and Andrew Miller are both the front-runners for the job, Hall will get reps this fall at the position.

Hall broke the rotation last year as a freshman, proving his immense value to the line given the difficulty of the transition from high school to college in the trenches.
Though Hall may not be the starter this season on the line, he provides depth at a position where the Buckeyes weren't strangers to injuries last year. Hall said he accomplished what he did last year by just listening and going to work.

"Last year I just came in with open ears and my mouth shut," Hall said. "I just listened to the coaches and Bryant Browning, one of my biggest role models here at Ohio State. I just listened to him and the coaches didn't tell me anything wrong and he didn't either. Everything went great. I just went out and played football."

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