September 12, 2010

Welcome to Williamson

It does not take a blind leap to assume you missed the Dayton Dunbar-Columbus Whetstone football game last night at Dayton's Welcome Stadium. Serving as a rotating home for Dayton's Public High Schools and the University of Dayton's football team, Welcome Stadium sure gets a lot of usage.

Fortunately the field is turf, similar but inferior to Nippert Stadium in this regard.

The stadium was eerily silent as the game began with just 29 Dunbar fans and 34 Whetstone fans. If a football is passed and fewer than 100 people see it, does it make a first down?

Fortunately, fans trickled in as the game wore on. They were entertained by UC-target WR Roger Williamson, who hauled in two touchdowns.

Offensively, Williamson hardly played the first quarter.

"First quarter, it was the formation we were in," said Williamson. "That is not my formation for me. That is for another guy."

He was also nursing a sore hamstring.

"It was because somewhat because of my hamstring," said Williamson. ""My hamstring wasn't doing too good. I tried to do the best that I could."

If only we could all be blessed with a muscle as powerful as his sore hamstring.

In just his second offensive play of the entire game, Williamson bolted straight ahead to catch a 39-yard touchdown. His defender was laughably far away.

"I guess since we were running the ball so much they got caught up in the backfield," said Williamson. "That is one thing that corners can't do is get caught up in the backfield. They weren't aware of it and I was wide open."

If it seems like Williamson understands DB roles, it is from firsthand experience.

Recruited as both a defensive back and wide receiver, Williamson played 90% of the defensive possessions at cornerback and 10% at safety.

"They told me before the season even started I was going to play corner and safety," said Williamson. "If they have a number one wide receiver I might be a corner. If they just need me to get some picks or something I would be at safety."

Whetstone did not pass the ball much, rarely challenging Williamson's cover skills. He was able to accumulate four tackles, one for loss.

Third and 8, Whetstone completed a screen pass to the right (R.J.'s side). He blasted through blockers, but over ran running back Jordan Marshall. Williamson kept with the play and lambasted his pretty as the Marshall made a cut against the grain. The successful tackle came in the face of two blockers specifically devoted to stopping him.

Attempting to get back in the game late, Whetstone threw deep on 4th and 19. Williamson provided blanket coverage and nearly intercepted the ball by slipping underneath the waiting receiver at the last moment.

In all, Whetstone threw to Williamson's side seven times, completing four passes. That includes the two screen passes which were ten yards away.

The senior WR lined up for just 24 offensive plays, nine in the first half. He managed 79 yards on three catches, two of them touchdowns.

While his first TD showed off the blazing speed, Williamson showcased his supreme hands to snag the second touchdown.

Guided down the sideline, Williamson had to adjust midflight to get back to the ball. Unable to get around the corner, Williamson dove back towards the sinking flare. R.J. caught the ball inches above the turf.

School of Choice

At this point Williamson is still considering Cincinnati.
"I am interested in Cincinnati," said Williamson. "It is a nice school, so I am going to go down there soon to check out the school and talk to the coaches one-on-one, face to face and everything like that. I am really interested in Cincinnati. I could see myself fitting in there."

He has four other schools of interest, despite boasting 20 offers.

"Michigan State, they are in there," said Williamson. "Kansas, West Virginia, Wisconsin. Those schools right there I really think I could see myself playing there."

There are two college football games this month Williamson might attend.

"Michigan State-Notre Dame game and Cincinnati-Oklahoma game if I can," said Williamson.

Roger attended MSU's camp during the summer and performed very well. He did not get to Cincinnati for camp, but joined his Dunbar Wolverines at Nippert Stadium for a seven-on-seven tournament.

"The turf is nice," said Williamson of Nippert. "I like the turf. Welcome Stadium has turf actually. We play there, that is my home stadium. We played there and I liked that turf."

Will he join Shaquille Washington, Alex Chisum, and Chris Moore at Cincinnati or Andre Sims Jr. and Paul Lang at Michigan State?

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