October 4, 2010

Franklin needs to learn to adapt

In 4 games, Tony Franklin's offense has used 4 different quarterbacks. At some point he one would think he would adapt to the players on the roster like he said he would in the spring.

This year, he brought a game plan to Hawaii that did not work in the first half until veteran quarterback Ross Jenkins took over at the helm. Last year, Derek Dooley (love him or hate him), brought a game plan into the Hawaii game in Ruston last year that left the Rainbow Warriors asking, "what the heck just happened?". Dooley's plan? Run, run, run, and run some more. What worked Saturday? Running. What did Tech not do enough of? Running.

Inside the numbers

Myke Compton85807.3
Lennon Creer125704.8
Ross Jenkins5501.0
Tarik Hakmi1505.0
Lyle Fitte1101.0
Ray Holley1111.0

When looking at the above numbers it really makes you wonder why Tech didn't run the ball more. Last season, Tech racked up 352 yards rushing against the Rainbow Warriors on 57 carries for an average of 6.2 yards per carry.

It is understandable for a new coach to want to run his "system", but at what cost and for how long?


Sonny Dykes ran a very balanced offense at Arizona and had some under center formations that allowed for more success running the football. Is it time for Dykes to step up and be his own offensive coordinator? Will Franklin be one and done at Louisiana Tech? Will Franklin decide he needs to adapt to the players on the field? Franklin is an extremely good offensive mind but gets stubborn in his play calling. Why was Ross Jenkins benched after a performance at Grambling that was just as good as any of the other quarterbacks performances thus far?

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