October 9, 2010

A good pickup for Iowa

Allen High School defensive coordinator Corey Cain could hardly contain his excitement when talks about Iowa's latest commit, Melvin Spears. He thinks Spears is the perfect MIKE for a Big Ten program like Iowa. He talks about Spears as a person and a player in this interview.

Q: What kind of a person is Iowa getting in Melvin Spears?

COACH CAIN: Melvin is a great kid. That is first and foremost. He is off the charts as far as being a great kid.

Q: What are some of the things that jump out at you with him as far as a football player?

COACH CAIN: When he walks in the room you know it. He is 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds. He is like he is chiseled out of stone. He is the strongest player, pound for pound, in our program. He is all linebacker and plays with a linebacker mentality. He is a downhill plugger, but also athletic enough to get sideline to sideline.

Q: Iowa recruited him as a middle linebacker?

COACH CAIN: Yep, they expect him to be a MIKE.

Q: It seems like Iowa jumped in very early on him.

COACH CAIN: Yeah, they were his first offer. That came in the spring.

Q: Did that surprise you guys or were a lot of schools sniffing around too?

COACH CAIN: At that point he had a lot sniffs from schools, but everyone seemed to be waiting for the other school to offer. It was one of those kind of deals. What he runs into down here is that everyone runs the spread offense. The Big 12 is that way. SMU and North Texas are that way. They were sniffing around with him, but they didn't know what to do with him. He is a Big Ten MIKE linebacker. That's why the Big Ten schools were recruiting him and that is what they all said. He is an inside backer that can play that sort of physical position in the Big Ten.

Q: Seems like he really loved his visit to Iowa last weekend.

COACH CAIN: Yeah, I talked to him a little bit over the weekend and he had a blast. They made a big impression on him and he was excited. He thought it was really cool with the black and gold in the stands and the fan support. He really had a great time.

Q: Has he had a good senior year so far?

COACH CAIN: Awesome. He is leading the team in tackles and he was the Dallas-Ft. Worth Defensive Player of the Week in our first week. He had an 11 tackle game with a pick and a forced fumble against Cedar Hill, who is pretty darn good. He has 51 tackles in five games, so he is rolling along pretty good.

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