October 14, 2010

Enos shares thoughts on Miami (OH)

Central Michigan returns home this weekend when they host Miami (OH) at noon on Saturday for their annual homecoming game. Recently we were able to catch up with CMU head coach Dan Enos to get his thoughts on the Redhawks and the status of his Chippewa team.

Would you clarify this game with Miami (OH) as a must win?

"Yeah, we have we kind have said that we got a six game season starting right now and are goal is 1-0, and that's how were treating it. Like an opener and we have to win this game and it's very, very important for a lot of reasons, but it's a MAC game and we didn't like way we left it the last time we were here. So the guys have got a lot of pride and were going to play real hard Saturday."

What's the overall attitude of the team right now?

"As I mentioned, I think it's an attitude of can't wait to get out there and play. We didn't like the way we played last time out here, but we thought we had really good practice last week and are guys played really hard last week at Virginia Tech. We obviously played six games and we feel like five of them we played pretty dang well, and we've have gotten better and football is a game of inches and were an inch or two from doing this or that. As we told the guys it's enough talk were not meeting, were not having any more closed doors meeting or team meetings, talks are done and we just have to play. We just have to get it done on the field. "

What are you looking for out of Ryan Radcliff in this game Saturday?

"Just to manage the game, and Ryan is learning a lot. Every game is a new experience for him. What he is doing is that he is just figuring out that the offense work for him, and don't go find the plays as we tell him, and let them find him and they will. Just go through progressions and get his feet set and get the ball out. We told him he doesn't have to win the game by himself and sometimes as he presses he is trying to make a big play all the time rather than just take the play there that is available. We just want to make sure he plays within himself and the offense. He gives us a chance to win, but we have got run the ball better around him."

It seems that every week I talk to you there is a new kink in the kicking game, so what direction are you going to go with the kicking game on Saturday?

"We're going to go with Richie Hogan again and we know he missed a couple Saturday, but one was a 46 yarder and we know he has good pop in his leg, and in his defense he hasn't really kicked since August. He kicked all last week and he kicked all this week and we're going to give him an opportunity. He just gets the ball up and we think he has a lot of ability and were just going to give him a shot and we will see where it goes."

What are your thoughts on Miami (OH) and the matchups they present?

"They're a very good football team, they're 2-0 in the league and there quarterback is very good. Zac Dysert, I think he is outstanding . Their tailback is very good and they got good wideouts , #11 is a good player. Solid offense line and schematically they're good, defensively they do a lot of things and they got guys moving all over the place, and they play three down or they play four down. They do a lot of things they play hard on defense and there a good football team they have improved. You can see that a lot of young players they played last year have played. Dysert having watched on film last year, he is a totally different guy this year and with the experience and being comfortable with the coaches and the system and everything like that. I think there a very good team."

Probably something you're not very happy but your team leads the MAC in penalty yards right now, what are your thoughts on that and what you feel like the reasons are for that?

"I don't know but I fell like some of the penalties we have gotten are what I call emotional penalties. Where guys are playing hard and we get some personal fouls that way and I know last week we had three on one drive and defensive holding and things like that. I think that are guys are just trying to play hard and do certain things. The one's that bother me are offside's, those type of things those are ones that bother you or us as a team. Dumb personal fouls you don't want those, but holding penalties are going to happen every once and awhile. Those are the ones you're going to have but it's the unforced errors like the offside's, we haven't had any delay of games or anything like that, but I know one game we had some substitution things and Northwestern had about four that day too. Those are the ones that are disappointing and we have addressed those with the team and we will continue to do that. We just got to play disciplined and we have to understand, we talk to them all the time about it but we can't do things to beat ourselves. The margin of error between teams is too close these days."

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