November 10, 2010

Porter Attracting Lots of Visits

An old saying goes something like this: "If you want the same results, keep doing what you're doing."

Larry Porter does not want another train wreck of a season like he's had so far in 2010. That means he needs to do something different.

Right now, he's trying to win football games with recruits that other schools ignored, likely because they were perceived as lesser talents. It follows, then, that if he wants to get better results, he needs to sign better players. The first step in that direction is to have premium student-athletes on campus for unofficial visits.

Mission accomplished.

For the past two home games, has made it a point to perform stealthy reconnaisance at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. We've tracked what high-level football recruits have roamed the sidelines, bleachers, and concourses of the venerable old stadium. When we could, we've engaged a few of them in conversation. And what is the verdict?

A lot of very good football players are seriously considering attending the University of Memphis to continue their football careers.

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