November 22, 2010

Bertolet says official was a blast

When Exeter Township K Taylor Bertolet left his home town of Reading, Pa., for his official visit to Texas A&M, the weather in central Pennsylvania was a little chilly for this time of year, with temperatures hovering around freezing. When his flight landed in Houston, he already knew things were a lot different.

"When I left home, it was in the 30s; I got here and the weather was in the 70s," he said. "I thought, 'I can get used to this! This is practically swimming weather.'"

The change in temperature wasn't the only thing Bertolet enjoyed, as he picked a memorable weekend for his official visit to College Station. It was a trip, he said, that covered all the bases.

"When I first got there, I met with coach Sherman and he told me what was expected of me. Then I got to meet my academic advisor, who will be working with me," he said. "After that, I got to take part in the team meal and then I got to hang out with the team, just watching videos and playing Playstation and things like that."

Bertolet sat with new A&M commit LaMarc Strahan at Saturday night's showdown with with Nebraska, which he said was a far cry from anything else he'd experienced.

"It's a lot different from our games and it's really different from any college game I've ever been to," he said of Kyle Field. "It was just awesome. We were up yelling almost the entire time. It was so loud it was incredible."

After the game, Bertolet figured he'd wait outside the locker room as the team celebrated. He quickly found out that wasn't happening.

"They pulled me into the locker room to celebrate with them, like I was already part of the team instead of some commit," he said. "Everyone was yelling, dancing around ... it was an awesome experience, and I really appreciated how they made me feel like I was already on the team."

Bertolet was able to hang out with some of his future teammates as well, and said the atmosphere around College Station as a whole was electric.

"After the game we were walking around, and everyone was still cheering and giving players high fives when they walked by," he said. "It was just awesome."

As he sat back and recalled the weekend Sunday afternoon, Bertolet was asked if the trip could have gone any better.

"No, I really don't think so," he responded.

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