December 14, 2010

Williams settling in at receiver

MADISON - Nobody ever thought the transition from high school to college would be easy so the fact that Isaiah Williams has had his fair share of trouble adjusting to the speed of the game and college life in general shouldn't be surprising.

Now, as the team prepares for a trip to sunny California for the Rose Bowl, Williams is enjoying the way he's settling in as a wide receiver and student. At the conclusion of a recent practice, had a chance to catch up with the true freshman.

The following is a question and answer with Williams:

One full season in now, and obviously as a redshirt player you weren't on the field, but just talk about what the first season has been like both on and off the field with classes and stuff, too.

Williams: My first year? It's been a little rough. It's been tough as far as getting to class and maintaining time management with football and class and social life. But it was all right. It was pretty tough but I managed to get through it.

Is it something you're starting to feel a little more comfortable with now?

Williams: For sure. I'm starting to feel way more comfortable. I have gotten up to date with class work and how that goes as well as being on time with things and knowing my schedule. With that being said, I'm up to date on that.

What about on the field? Just talk about where you've been able to progress from fall camp to where you are today? I'm sure there's been some improvement.

Williams: Yeah, there's been major improvement because at the beginning of camp I suffered an injury to my groin. I wasn't able to show my talents and what I had. After I trained and got rehab on it, it started to progress. I was just trying to give my guys a good look.

Obviously coming in from high school to college is tough enough, but then to get an injury and being away from home must have been a tough time for you.

Williams: It was really tough, but I had the support from my teammates, coaching staff and family. They all helped me get through it.

Obviously you were on scout team throughout the year, but not you get a chance to do some developmental work and Wisconsin stuff. That's got to be pretty fun to do instead of scouting teams all the time.

Williams: It is pretty fun. It's still a learning process and we're still learning because it's a lot of detail. It's way more hard and different than coming out of high school and doing all that type of stuff.

Do you feel like there's an opportunity maybe next year to break into a role when you look at this current roster and see three seniors?

Williams: I do feel like there is an opportunity, but you've got to keep working hard, stay focused and stay humble.

I was watching you on Saturday and you made a nice diving catch in traffic from Joe Brennan. Is that maybe a connection that you two have that Badger fans can maybe look forward to in the coming years?

Williams: Yeah, me and Joe are very good friends off the field and on the field. With that being said, yeah.

We just mentioned the seniors, but what have you learned from those guys? Have they kind of taken you under their wing your first year and laid a solid foundation as you move forward throughout your career?

Williams: I actually learned a lot from the seniors. I looked up to the seniors the most and they taught me a lot. They were always there when I needed them and when I needed to talk to somebody they were there. It was a good support system.

For people that maybe haven't seen you play, they may know about your recruiting story, but what kind of receiver are you? Are you possession? A burner? What would you call yourself?

Williams: I would technically call myself a big, strong receiver. I will go into traffic and make big catches. I can also get up field. I'm not the shifty receiver that people look for, but more of a guy that can get up field, make a move and score touchdowns.

You're not afraid of contact?

Williams: I'm not afraid of contact at all. I embrace it. I give out the contact.

Obviously you're a Florida guy, this weather has just got to be brutal for you. What's going on with this?

Williams: Yes, the weather is very brutal and it's very cold. But I'm trying to adapt to the weather and get acquainted with it. It's still going to take some time to get used to it.

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