December 18, 2010

Cadogan enjoys blocking

MADISON - When fall camp was winding down it seemed as though Sherard Cadogan was on the verge of breaking through and earning some playing time. But as the season started it became more and more evident a redshirt season would be in his favor.

Now, having been through the rigors of a complete regular season slate, Cadogan has been impressed with what he's seen. At the conclusion of a recent practice had a chance to catch up with Cadogan.

The following is a question and answer with the New Jersey native.

You've been through a complete regular season now, how has it gone?

Cadogan: Oh, it's been great just watching those guys play and just learning from them and watching Lance Kendricks and those guys. Playing on scout team, going against J.J. Watt has helped me a lot. Playing against one of the top defensive ends is going to help me a lot.

He doesn't even give you a play off. That's got to be a good thing moving forward.

Cadogan: Oh yeah. I'm always getting better and I'm learning the plays. Hopefully once next year comes around I will keep progressing and everything will start clicking.

Are you happy with your blocking and the way you've been handling that this year? Is it coming a long?

Cadogan: Oh yeah. I've been working at it. I always feel it can get better, but you just keep practicing, working hard and going against J.J. and Louis Nzegwu and blocking them will help me a whole lot. I know the cut offs and different things like that. I'm just progressing.

Are you a physical guy? Would you classify yourself as that?

Cadogan: Oh yeah. I've always been physical. I feel that this game is physical and you've got to be physical. That's the reason that we're here. We're a physical team. That's Wisconsin football. We're going to be physical. That's all we do.

That's a reputation that everybody thinks about. That's something you have to work to live up to.

Cadogan: That comes down to lifting, working and training. Our trainers help me a lot and they help the team a lot. They get on us and we lift heavy. It's great because it contributes to the field.

Obviously you weren't able to get on the field this year, but you still take pride in winning the Big Ten title, right? You had just as much to do with that as the guys on the field.

Cadogan: The thing is that I'm going to get a good feel for the Rose Bowl and watching those guys and what they do. Next year and the year after as I get older I've got to take their spot. Hopefully, if we're going to get back to where we are today, I've got to learn from that. It's great to watch those guys and learn from this. It will be a great experience going down there and just seeing the different things while we're out there. It's a once in a lifetime type of thing.

You've got Lance and the history of the tight end position of this school. You look at Lance this year, Travis Beckum, Garrett Graham, Owen Daniels and all these guys. That's got to be exciting considering it's your position. Is that one of the reasons you came here?

Cadogan: The great thing about here is that they take the tight end and do a lot of things with them. That's was the big thing I came here for. The things they do with them and just watching those other guys out there. Seeing them and seeing how they progress in the NFL, I just loved it here.

Would you rather have the big catch or the big block that springs the run?

Cadogan: I wouldn't mind having that big block. You see Lance laying those guys out, I just want to go out there and do that myself. I will do whatever, but having that big block isn't bad either.

Do you thrive on contact?

Cadogan: Oh yeah. Yup.

Were you able to get into the gift sweet over the weekend? What did you get?

Cadogan: Oh, that was fun. There were some stereo systems, surround sound systems. I got a little stereo for my laptop. They had a lot of stuff.

Was it just in a room or what?

Cadogan: Oh yeah, it was in this big room right next to the cafeteria. It was great.

Was there a mad rush? What's going on when you send 100 football players in a room like that?

Cadogan: It was from 11-2, so whoever came in. I got there early and had fun.

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