January 27, 2011

Law recruiting for Iowa

Nicholas Law made his verbal commitment to the University of Iowa back in late October. Since that time the 2011 safety prospect has moved from being recruited to being a recruiter, trying to convince his fellow prospects in the Maryland area to join him in Iowa City. The 6-foot-3 and 195 prospect talks about his last minute recruiting efforts, his contact with the Iowa coaches, and interacting with Iowa fans.

Q: How excited are you for next Wednesday to get here?

LAW: I am excited. I can't wait. I think the whole recruiting process has been a blessing and I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Q: You have become a recruiter yourself since committing to Iowa in the fall. Has that been successful?

LAW: I think so because I was able to tell them all about Iowa. I think some of the guys thought it was just a place in the middle of a cornfield and it's not like that at all. I give them my perspective and some of those guys took visits there and they have liked what they have seen.

Q: Do you think you will get any of those guys to join you at Iowa?

LAW: (laugh) It's a good possibility, a very good possibility.

Q: You have been working on guys like Hendy and Lomax. Any word there?

LAW: (laugh) I am neutral there. I plead the fifth. I can't give you anything there. That's their deal to tell you. I really have no control over that.

Q: Is it fun for you to work guys a bit and try to get them to come with you?

LAW: It is fun, but it's more like a casual conversation with your friends. They are all my friends. I've known Lomax since the 7th grade. I've known Hendy for about a year. It is kind of fun to talk to your friends about what you are going to do.

Q: Since you and Jordan Lomax have known each other for such a long time, have you talked about playing together in college?

LAW: Yeah, we have talked about it. I told him that it would be great, but I also told him that it is his decision and he needs to decide what is best for him, either UVA or Iowa. I told him he can't go wrong.

Q: How have the Iowa coaches been with you since you committed? Have they been to see you a lot in the last month or so?

LAW: The Iowa coaches have been here almost every week. It's been crazy. I feel like I see them all the time and they are always in town.

Q: Which coach has been there the most?

LAW: Coach Wilson has been here the most. It hasn't been every week, but it seems like every week. Coach Ferentz has been here once for his in-home visit. Coach Phil Parker has been here as well.

Q: How was the in-home with Coach Ferentz?

LAW: It was nice. We had a nice casual conversation and I got to know him better and he got to know me. It was really good.

Q: You are out there on social media talking to people. What has that been like?

LAW: It's been a great experience. I actually feel wanted. There are people who want to interact with you and show that they care. That was a big part of my choice, finding a school with a big fanbase.

Q: Did it sort of freak you out at first when all of these fans started following you on Twitter?

LAW: Yeah, it was crazy. They knew almost everything about me and I knew nothing about them.

Q: There were a few times when you made comments about things that had nothing to do with football and some of those fans started to read into your words. Did that freak you out a bit?

LAW: Yeah it did. They were thinking that everything tweet or say on facebook is about them or about Iowa.

Q: You know the tweeting comes to an end when you arrive at Iowa? Did you talk about that with Coach Ferentz?

LAW: Yeah I heard. (laugh) We talked about it and he said you have to real careful with twitter because your words can offend a lot of people and get you in trouble.

Q: What have the coaches told you about the depth chart at safety?

LAW: They were very straight forward about the opportunity. They basically said that there are open spots and the opportunity is there if I come in and work hard.

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