February 1, 2011

Blythe honored to sign with Iowa

There wasn't much question about which college Austin Blythe would be attending. Since committing to the Hawkeyes back in May, the offensive line prospect has been firmly on board. He is honored to be signing with Iowa on Wednesday and has shown quite a bit of support for the coaches in recent weeks. He talks about signing day and his support for Coach Ferentz and his staff.

Q: What are the plans for signing day at Williamsburg High School?

BLYTHE: I am actually having the coaches that have been influential to me over the last four years over for breakfast just to thank them for everything they have done for me. Then we are going to head to school and finally sign those papers.

Q: Does it seem like forever for you since you committed?

BLYTHE: It does. I committed early, back in May. It has been a long period of time, but a really good period of time.

Q: I'm guessing finding some Iowa gear to wear for signing day won't be a problem.

BLYTHE: (laugh) It won't be hard. I have a whole closet full of Hawkeye gear.

Q: What does this day mean to you to finally officially be a Hawkeye?

BLYTHE: It means a lot to me. This is a tremendous opportunity that has been given to me to go play football at this level for a coach like Coach Ferentz, Coach Morgan, and the rest of the Iowa coaches. It is a really good feeling and I am ready and excited for it.

Q: You probably also had the opportunity to be a Hawkeye, but with Coach Brands. Does that thought ever cross your mind?

BLYTHE: I do. Who knows, maybe I will still be able to do both. We will have to see how it goes once I get on campus. Football will be my primary focus, as it should be, but we will see what happens. If it ends up only being football, it will be hard, but it will be worth it in the end.

Q: You have been pretty outspoken in the last month about some of the things going on with Iowa Football. Talk about your thoughts and how supportive you have been of the Iowa coaches.

Q: I think some of the media, the bigger media, like ESPN and the local stations like Channel 9 and Channel 2, they get the fact wrong. They report first and get the facts later. That kind of thing. The truth is they really don't know what is going on. If they really knew Coach Ferentz and the way he runs the program, there is absolutely nothing wrong going on with the program. With the stuff with the workouts, this isn't the first place that this has happened and it's not the first time that they have done those workouts. Coach Doyle has been doing those workouts for a long time. People saying that Coach Ferentz isn't compassionate and caring and not responsible? He has had two sons in this program. He isn't going to put his own family in danger. If you look at from that perspective, I can't wait to go play for him.

Q: I'm sure that your support meant a lot to the coaches, particularly Coach Ferentz. Have they said anything to you after your comments?

BLYTHE: I did get a call from Coach Ferentz and he said thank you. That means a lot. It was tremendous. It meant the world to me. I'm not just saying those things to say it. It is what I think and believe. I can't wait to play for him.

Q: How is the wrestling season going for you?

BLYTHE: Really good. I am 39-1 right now. We have sectionals coming up this weekend. I am ready to get the post season started and finish it the way I envision it.

Q: Are you doing any field events in track this year?

BLYTHE: Yeah, I am looking forward to it. Last year I placed in the shot and I was close in discus.

Q: You were named a Parade All American today. What does that mean to you?

BLYTHE: Wow…that was really incredible. It means that a lot of people have respect for me and I can't thank them enough. I can't express my gratitude enough and it is a great feeling to know my work has paid off. I have more work ahead and I can't wait to get started.

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