May 15, 2011

Spears working hard

Since signing with the Hawkeyes in early February, the focus for Melvin Spears has been on one thing, football training. The future Iowa linebacker didn't participate in any spring sports and has spent his time doing workouts provided by the Iowa coaches. He talks about his spring prep work, his relationship with his future position coach, and much more.

Q: Did you do any other sports this spring?

SPEARS: No, I've pretty much just been waiting to get to Iowa City and play for the Hawkeyes.

Q: What kind of training have you do to get ready for Iowa Football?

SPEARS: They sent me some workouts that I have been doing with a friend of mine that will be playing college football. We have basically been running and lifting.

Q: Do you feel like the workouts have helped you prepare for when you do get to Iowa City?

SPEARS: I think so. They haven't overwhelmed me, but they have helped me become stronger and quicker. I think I will be ready to go once I get there.

Q: What has your communication been like with the Iowa coaches since signing day?

SPEARS: They let me know that there is a chance for me to play. They have been down to visit a couple of times those have gone well. I really like the coaches.

Q: As far as playing time, have the talked a specific position or mainly special teams?

SPEARS: They really haven't talked much about a position, but they have told me to not be surprised if once I get there that they ask me to play.

Q: Have they told you a jersey number?

SPEARS: No they haven't. I'd like my high school number, but that really isn't a linebacker number.

Q: When I have talked to your high school coaches, they mentioned that you are classic Big Ten type linebacker and that probably didn't show as much playing against a lot of spread teams high school. Are you going to be happy to get away from spread teams every week?

SPEARS: Probably. I guess so, but I'll probably miss them too. I'm really excited to play Big Ten type football.

Q: What type of a player are the Hawkeye fans getting in you?

SPEARS: One that will work his butt off, I know that. Beyond that, I guess we will see once I get there.

Q: Have you developed relationships with some of the current players or some of the guys coming in with you?

SPEARS: I went there for my visit and I got to meet James Morris and he was good guy. I thought that the guys on the team were really good guys, so it should be a lot of fun. I really haven't gotten to know the guys coming in very well yet. The coaches were going to give me the number for another guy from down here, but I haven't talked to him yet.

Q: When are you arriving in Iowa City?

SPEARS: I am supposed to be there on July 9th.

Q: Some of the guys were coming in earlier. Do you graduate later?

SPEARS: I kind of wanted to have a little bit more of my summer with my family, so I did that before coming to town.

Q: Are you getting anxious to get to Iowa City?

SPEARS: Yeah I am. I've been thinking about it a lot and it will be a lot of fun.

Q: Talk a bit about your relationship with Coach Wilson, who recruits your area and will also be your position coach.

SPEARS: Every since I met him, I felt like he was a lot like my high school coach here. Everything felt good about the relationship. I haven't had him actually coach me yet, so we will see how that goes once I get there.

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