May 16, 2011

Orange travel to Cali

City College of San Francisco is no stranger to sending their playes to division one programs. Since 2002 the California school has sent seven of its quarterbacks to a BCS program. This year is no different as they have another quarterback getting attention.

Turner Baty, 6-foot-2, 225 pounds is hearing from a few schools right now and one of those schools is the Syracuse Orange.

"Syracuse just started recruiting me, Coach [Nathaniel] Hackett just came by the school," Baty said. "He just came to the school and he did not say anything about an offer, but he just kept saying that they were really really interested. He thinks I could come in and help right away and that it was a priority to get a JUCO quarterback. Other than that we just had a chance to talk and get to know each other, I am glad he stopped by."

Even though he was not offered by Syracuse the prospect thinks highly of the Orange.

"I really like Syracuse and the big thing that intrigues me about them is the fact that their communication school is at the top and I am interested in going into journalism. That is the first thing that jumps out at me. Two is the job Doug Marrone has done in such a short time of being there. They went to a bowl game last year, just really turned around the program, and generated a lot of excitement. Also playing in a pro-style offense is something that I would really like to do."

Right now Baty runs a spread offense in junior college, but a pro-style offense is where he sees himself.

"I really see myself as a pro-style guy I can run when I have to get outside of the pocket and I will always pick up that first down. My first instinct is to throw the ball and I would really like to play in a pro-style set. At Syracuse I would be tutored by some of the best coaches in the country. Both Coach Hackett and Coach Marrone have spent time in the NFL and that is also another intriguing aspect of Syracuse."

Not only does Syracuse like Baty's ability on the field, but there is one item that is unusual for a prospect coming out of a junior college that is also in the prospects favor.

"Coach Hackett likes that I am a smart player. He loves how accurate I am and that I can keep my feet moving in the pocket and make plays. He likes that I am a heady guy and I take pride knowing everything that is going on around me. I think he also really does like the fact that I will have four years to play three which does time up with Ryan Nassib leaving. I could come in and redshirt and have a chance to play three years after that."

A chance to take a visit to Syracuse while in high school was not seized and that is something that Baty now looks back on as something he should have done.

"I did not have a chance to visit. I played my senior year up in New Canaan, Connecticut and Syracuse was always around because they were recruiting my right tackle Conor Hanratty pretty hard. I had a chance to talk with some coaches then. I did not get a chance to get up to Syracuse and I am kind of bummed about that because I would really like to see the campus, I have heard great things."

At his school in Connecticut he was exposed to the Orange and that was also the case when he played football at St. Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Even though a couple years have passed Baty is in touch with a current member of the Orange.

"Dorian Graham is one of my really good buddies we actually workout together when we are both down in Florida. Dorian runs routes for me down there and we get some good workouts in, so we have become pretty good buddies and I would love to get a chance to play with him."

Graham, takes plenty of chances to tell Baty how nice it is to be at Syracuse.

"He just loves it. They just switched him to wide receiver last season and he started in the Pinstripe Bowl. Every time I talk to him about it he tells me he loves it. Syracuse is so much fun, and it is a great place to be and he feels real comfortable there. With the stuff that he has said it has defiantly peeked my interest a little more."

Besides Syracuse there are a couple other schools showing early interest in the quarterback.

"I have been hearing from Miami and Hawaii as well. Other than that it has really just been those three schools right now. I think they all want to see me play this year before they offer. Last year I sat out and took a year to learn and they have not seen me against better competition. I am excited about the chance to prove myself."

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