May 20, 2011

Vanderbilt was always on top for Herring

"Actually, last night I told them, I gave Coach Spencer a call at about 10 o'clock and let him know the news. He was very excited and told me to call Coach Franklin and once I told Coach Franklin, he was very excited too. I wanted to wait to go public the next morning at 8:30, let everybody know where I was going but within my heart I already knew I was going to Vanderbilt but I didn't want everybody to know until about 8:30 in the morning. That's when my coach, Coach Cory [Johnson], he sent out all the information out.

"Overall, Vanderbilt's a great school. The education is great and after football you know, even though I'm going to the SEC, it's still going to be very hard to get to the NFL and be a pro athlete, so falling back on your education is a great thing. And then the coaching staff especially was a big factor in my decision because they're great, they have a good energy about the team and I really feel like they really want to turnaround the team and I just want to be a part of that."


"They really told me outside because they said I can run well and that I really fit the outside [concept] the most. I think my football IQ and knowing what's going on at the right time, and going sideline-to-sideline, as well as my speed, are my strengths. I'd like to improve on just little things like reading and dropping back into the right zone."


"I want to major in pre-law or pre-med, whichever one I decide. Those are the only two on my mind right now."

other recruits commit.

"It helped a little bit, but Vanderbilt's been at the top of my list since offers have been coming in, so you know, I had Stanford and all of these other schools but Vanderbilt was always the main factor and always at the top for me."

MLK transfer

"The transition was great coming from a school where you know, I didn't have as many looks at all. Transferring to Stephenson was a great idea and once I got there that's when stuff started going on with the offers and all. I'm around a lot of talent, so that made me compete more than I was when I was at MLK."

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