July 20, 2011

Is Charles a package deal?

Hollywood (Fl.) Hollywood Hills DT {db]Jean-Marc Charles[/db] has been pleasantly surprised with the recruiting process so far.

In fact, he has received more offers than he ever thought he would have at this point in his high school career.

"It's gone better that I expected it would," Charles said. "I have nine offers, most of them out of Florida. And they are all pretty good schools."

At this point, the Florida product has narrowed things down from those nine schools to a top three heading into the school year.

"I have a top three narrowed down. It's Minnesota, West Virginia and Bowling Green."

A big reason for Minnesota making the cut is the coach that is recruiting the 6-foot-3, 255 pound prospect to the U.

"With Minnesota, I kind of met them in the spring and they are about the fourth or fifth school to talk to me. But the coach that is recruiting me, Bill Miller, has some history with my position coach. He coached with his father at Miami. When he found out that he was my position coach, he kind of opened up a little more to me."

That relationship with Miller started during a visit that the Minnesota coach took to his school.

"We were in the weight room having about an hour conversation and I was on my lunch break. We had a pretty long conversation just about the recruiting process and I walked him to his car and he gave me a whole bunch of pamphlets and envelopes about the school. And he came back a second time the last week of school and watched our game."

Charles also benefits from having a teammate that is going through the process as well in DB Terry Harden.

"We talk about recruiting every now and then. During the season, me and him would have these long debates on which school would be right for us individually and together. So we talk sometimes about it but we haven't done it in a while because we're just focused on our season right now."

The two have also had several conversations about attending the same school to continue their football careers.

"We've talked about going to school together and we've had some pretty serious conversations. We were wondering what school was best for us academically and athletically. Because Terry has other schools recruiting him that have other educational programs. But some schools are recruiting him at other positions because he plays quarterback, safety and receiver for us. He kind of chose the schools that are recruiting him at defensive back and Minnesota is one of those schools."

"He wants to play defense with me and we think we could play together for four years if we end up doing that."

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