August 6, 2011

Franks is back from injury

One of the worst things an athlete can be put through is watching their team's game on television as a helpless spectator.

That's what happened to senior wideout Jacoby Franks last season after a fractured foot gave out into a full blown broken foot last season.

"It sucked just not being able to be out there with my team and teammates having a good time together," Franks said. "I went home and watched the games on TV and it really sucked that I couldn't contribute for my teammates. But it was the best thing to do so I can help them out this year."

Franks' seven game, 254-yard season began its decline when he planted his foot on a post route and it popped on him. Franks could still play with the injury at that point, however.

The next week against Colorado though he planted on a route and the foot completely gave out.

"Right now it's 100 percent," Franks said. "But last year when it was busted, for real, it felt terrible. Just feels like you don't have any wheels, one of your wheels is blown. Every time you make a movement it hurts. You definitely know it's broken. Every step you take, you know it's broken and you can fight through it for a little while but when it's broken it's a terrible thing. Even walking, all of your weight's on it.

"I thought it was going to hold up. It felt pretty good for being injured the week leading up to the (Colorado game) and in the game I just ran a post curl and it popped on me completely. I couldn't move after that. Just done."

Franks underwent a surgery where his foot was reconstructed with a steel plate protecting it from any give it may endure this season.

During the downtime Franks became a master of the talent of picking up marbles with his toes and spent a significant amount of time working with Thera-Bands and in the cold tub, all part of a rehabilitation process that ran through the winter and past the spring football sessions.

Tech quarterback Seth Doege also played a major role in Franks' recovery.

"Seth is a man of perfection," Franks said. "You have to do everything right and if my foot hurt he didn't care that my foot hurt. He cared that I run my routes. I don't want to let him down so I spent every day grinding hard and it really helped me out in the end getting better and getting back to game speed."

Franks is a guy that has a lot of athletic potential but has not been able to get much separation from the Red Raider pack. It's a group that celebrates Tech's tradition at the position with shirts that read "Receiver U."

If Franks can remain healthy as a senior he can easily be one of the heads of the class.

"We want to be the No. 1 offense in the nation first of all," Franks said. "Me singularly, I just want to make plays that people didn't know I could make. I want to turn a lot of heads this year and help my team. It's really just me helping the team win so we can be great."

Understandably though, day one of organized practice was a tough one.

"It feels great to be here but I have to get into the groove of things," Franks said. "I feel a little rusty and the defensive formations still kind of trick me. It was the first day but they tricked me (Saturday). I haven't been tricked like that in a while.

"It's my first day going out against them but they haven't pressed me like that before. They threw some looks I've never seen before in my life. They're pretty fast on defense so I think they're going to have a great year. I hope they do because we need them to step up this year because we're going to perform this year on offense."

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