September 19, 2011

Video: Pharaoh Brown plays through the pain

LYNDHURST, Ohio - On a cool night in Northeast Ohio, the Lyndhurst Brush Arcs dominated Valley Forge en route to a 42-12 victory. Despite a penalty-ridden performance and limited playing time for defensive end/tight end Pharaoh Brown, Brush was able to move the ball on the ground and in the air, and prevent Valley Forge from getting much going on their side of the ball.

Brown was limited by a foot injury, and entered the game in the second half. He says he could have played more, but is getting rest for the conference schedule, which kicks off next week. In only a handful of snaps on either side of the ball, he finished with 1.5 tackles for loss.


It's unfair to put too much stock into Brown's performance. The sample size was very small, and he was playing injured, so any negatives to his game could have been caused by that. His motor wasn't as high as expected, and the injury is a possible explanation.

There were, however, some positives to draw. First up: he's huge, at every bit of his listed 6-6, 220 pounds. He has plenty of frame to put on even more weight and carry it well. He was also stronger than expected, given how lean he is at this time.

I was impressed by his blocking on offense. He wasn't thrown any passes at the tight end or wide receiver position, but that didn't prevent him from planting a few undersized defensive players for Valley Forge. He looked smooth going out on passing routes as well, and he could play tight end in college as well (though the coaches have reiterated to him that they see him as a defensive player).

On defense, he was doubled-teamed on the first couple snaps, and Valley Forge ran away from him after that. Since he entered the game when Brush already had built a good lead, it's tough to say what he would have done in a more competitive situation.

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