October 11, 2011

No flag of truce

Some may have noticed during the broadcast of the game against Tennessee, an assistant holding up a large white towel in front of defensive coordinator Todd Grantham while he was signaling in plays.

The commentators mentioned that was the first time they could recall Grantham during that during a contest.

Tuesday, Grantham said that's not true.

"We did it last year, too," Grantham said.

The reason is as plain as it could be.

"We don't want the other team to know what we're doing. People are watching what you do," Grantham said. "There's information out there and people are trying to collect information. We don't want to give them information or give them the advantage of knowing what we're doing. We're trying to protect things as well as we can."

Georgia's four recent opponents have certainly needed all the help they could get.

Following another strong showing last week at Tennessee, the Bulldogs continue to rank among the elite in the SEC, allowing an average of 260.5 yards per game, third-best in the SEC behind Alabama (191.3) and LSU (254).

The defense has also allowed just two touchdowns over its last 16 quarters.

"I'm really proud of the guys. I think the guys have busted their tail and worked hard. They've invested a lot into what we're doing. They invested it in the weight room, spring practice, this summer and with the way they worked in training camp," Grantham said. "We've had some guys who've had to move around, too. Guys have had to play different positions, different roles. We've had a lot of combinations out there. But that's what you've got to do. You're a team, whatever different types of combinations you have to use, you'll use."

So, how many would that be?

Even Grantham isn't sure.

"I really don't know, honestly, it's a lot," he said.

More than 50?

"It's probably more than 50, yeah," he said.

McClendon not worried about Crowell's wrist

Running backs coach Bryan McClendon said Tuesday that Isaiah Crowell's wrist injury is not serious at all.

After the game against Tennessee, Crowell confessed to reporters that he's been dealing with a sore wrist for a couple of weeks and re-aggravated it during the Bulldogs' 20-12 win.

But he also said it's not an issue, something McClendon echoed as well.

"It's not serious at all," McClendon said. "There's a minimum of what you can do (for the wrist) a very minimum we have to do, to be honest. If he gets hit on a certain spot, it bothers him. That's what happened the other day, somebody hit him and right after that he fell on it. Those happened on back-to-back plays. That's sort of what shook it up the most, but he's fine."

Williams did not block extra-point against Tennessee

The official stats person at Neyland Stadium ruled it was safety Shawn Williams who blocked the extra point by the Vols Saturday night in Knoxville.

The television commentators said it was Bruce Figgins.

Neither was correct.

Tuesday, defensive line coach Rodney Garner said the film clearly shows that it was nose tackle Kwame Geathers who should have been credited for what was actually one of the game's bigger plays.

"Nobody gave him credit for it, but Kwame blocked the kick," Garner said. "That was a defensive play; that was a big play. You're taking points off the board and because of that you change the psyche of the ball game and now if they score, they've got to go for two. It puts a little added stress. But that's what Kwame did, he got that big paw up there and deflected it."

This and that

Georgia practiced in full pads during a steady, often heavy rain Tuesday afternoon. "You have these days every once in a while," head coach Mark Richt said in a statement. "I was pleased with the effort. We got the work in we needed to get in. It wasn't the best conditions for throwing and catching, but we got the work in. That's what was most important."

Anthony Dasher is the managing editor for UGASports
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