November 25, 2011

Rice has long rebuilding road for Monmouth

When King Rice takes the court tonight, he'll sit directly opposite a team that he will know all too well. That's because Rice had a hand in bringing all of Vanderbilt's current players to Nashville, and is just months removed from getting them prepared to make what should be the school's best chance at a Final Four appearance in history.

Based on what we've seen thus far, it's very unlikely Rice will go home with mixed feelings.

Now the head coach at Monmouth, Rice is in the beginning stages of what promises to be a nightmare first season for the Hawks. Already 0-for-5 in the W-L category, Monmouth has yet to even pose token opposition to any of their opponents. Owning a minus-31 point differential, the Hawks have been blown out by programs as well-known as Villanova and as unknown as Albany.

That's in New York, by the way. Not that it matters.

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