January 14, 2012

Pierce-Brewster visits favorites

Markus Pierce-Brewster who attends the City College of San Francisco is one of the top JUCO defensive ends in the class of 2012. Syracuse has been in contact with him for about a month now and this weekend he is on campus taking an official visit.

"I am not that sure when they came to see me first, but I think about mid-December and that is when they offered," Pierce-Brewster said. "It is a great opportunity and I have not heard about a lot of junior college kids getting the chance to go to such a great school like Syracuse. It is a great opportunity for me."

Opportunity is also going to be the key theme when he is on the Syracuse campus this weekend.

"I am just looking for an opportunity, a lot of opportunities."

Since Syracuse has only been in on him for about a month he does not know much about the program. What he does know about the school he likes.

"As far as a school I know it is pretty high ranked and a degree from there is great. As far as the football team goes I do not know that much, but I do know that they did beat Kansas State in the Pinstripe Bowl. My brother played for Kansas State and I was watching that game."

Despite only being recruited for a short time he has had meetings with his recruiting coach Greg Adkins and last week he also had a meeting with Syracuse Head Coach Doug Marrone.

"Coach Adkins and Coach Marrone came out to see me last Friday. Coach Marrone was just explaining the program to me and their situation with defense and their need for defensive ends. We also talked about my interest in the school. It was very informative and I did not have any questions when they were done they answered everything."

It is the lack of defensive ends on the depth chart that the three star prospect likes.

"I see their lack of depth as a great thing for an incoming defensive end like myself because that would give me a chance to play early. I have a limited window to play so I have to make a lot happen quick."

As it stands right now Pierce-Brewster has taken one visit already and could plan more after this weekend.

"I took a visit to Indiana in early December. I am supposed to be setting up a visit to Kansas for next week. I might schedule one with Oregon State, but I doubt it."

The visit to Indiana was a great one and that will mean Syracuse will have to step up this weekend.

"For one at Indiana their coaches were really good and they all have winning backgrounds. I feel like I would be in good hands and they could get me ready to get to the next level. As far as the town no matter if the team is winning or losing they still love their football players."

With a handful of offers and the chance for more visits right now have any favorite schools emerged for Pierce-Brewster?

"Right now it is really just down to Indiana and Syracuse."

With that being said whichever school grabs his signature will not have the prospect for a long time.

"I will probably wait until February 1st to decide," Pierce-Brewster stated. "I am going to be two for two when it comes to years to play."

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