February 6, 2012

'A big time back'

Lawrenceville (Ga.) Central Gwinnett running back George Morris is one of the highest rated players to sign with Syracuse last Wednesday. CuseConfidential.com caught up with Morris's Head Coach John Wofford.

Morris, 6-foot-1, 190 pound is no doubt a very physical back and his coach talked about the strengths in the three star running backs game.

"His strength on the football field is that he does a lot of things well. He is a very versatile back in that he has the skills to play every down, so he will not need to come off of the field," Wofford said. "George is a fast kid he had a good time at a Georgia Tech camp where he ran a 4.5 flat. What he does besides that is he has game speed and that could make him faster than his 4.5. He pulls away from people, in the past two years he probably has a minimum of twelve plays that where forty or more yards."

For a running back the transition to college might be easier than most positions, but blocking is another story. Pass blocking is what Wofford feels Morris will have to learn quickly at the next level. Other than pass blocking he just needs to stay focused and work on getting better.

"Like most backs coming out of high school he will probably have to work on his blocking, pass blocking. Then I would continue to develop and get bigger. He is a big kid and when he gets on a college program, meal plan and weight lifting that he could be around 210 pounds or so next year at this time. He has a kind of natural body that can carry that and not miss a step."

Continuing his hard work is something that he showed this year as he worked hard for bigger numbers in his senior year.

"One thing that sets him apart from others really is his desire to get better. He had a lot of catches his junior year, so he wanted his rushing numbers to be higher in his senior year. That did happen and he continues to bust his but in the weight room. He wants to be considered one of the best and he works at it."

When you combine his size, on field ability, and his work ethic it makes for a solid running back. When asked what player Morris reminds him of the comparison came easy to Wofford.

"I guess you could say that he is kind of like a Demarco Murray type back when he was at Oklahoma and now with the Cowboys. He has the ability to run, catch, and he has a body that can take a pounding and give out a pounding."

For Wofford he knew that Morris was going to sign to play for a college almost immediately, so when he did sign to attend to Syracuse he was not surprised.

"It was a funny thing, I took the job here two years ago and I came in and went to the weight room one day. In the gym was a lot of guys who played for the previous coach working out, college guys on their plans. Then I just asked them and kind of went down the line where are you going and all that. I got to George and I asked him and he said coach I'm just a sophomore. After that I said to myself that I picked the right school to come to. He is a physically put together kid with muscles on top of muscles. After that and seeing what he could do in his first year I knew he could be a big time back."

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