February 13, 2012

GBK: Inside the Huddle - Army logs in 2nd practice

The Black Knights wearing practice jerseys and shorts conducted their 2nd spring practice early Monday morning inside the climate controlled Foley Athletic Center. As GBK reported in the Army's first practice, the offense and defense split up with one squad on the practice field, while other in the weight room for the 45 minutes session.
The session today, was crisp and brisk, which is expected now that many of the current freshman and even sophomores have a greater sense of what to expect and how to react to an Ellerson lead spring practice.
"I think since we have a lot of guys who were with us last year and felt some of the struggles, they already seem more experienced," shared Co-defensive coordinator, Payam Saadat after Monday's practice. "They already seem like they have a sense of urgency. You know, the guys who played last year and who were young.
"We are going to try a few this spring, but do them well and do them full speed. Try to do what makes a difference in the game and not try not to put a lot on the guys tables."
Of course that speak well to a defense that really had two quality starter in captains and linebacker, Steve Erzinger and Andrew Rodriguez depart due to graduation.
Hence the bulk of the returning players registered quality playing time, with several freshman like Geoffrey Bacon, L.J. Harris and Hayden Pierce logging in starting roles in ?,? and ? games respectively.
"Yes, there are a lot of guys coming back with a lot of playing experience that you hope have matured and grown from the experience that got last year," declares Saadat.
One welcome return to the squad is junior defensive tackle Bobby Kough, who should add immediate depth if not push for a starting role up front.
"We are excited to have Bobby Kough back," professes Saadat. "He's fought through some adversities, he's got himself back on the field healthy and he would have been part of the equation last year, but surely part of the equation this year."
While there's a lot unfolding defensively, on the other side of the equation, we had a chance to get a glimpse of the 1st & 2nd offensive units.
Needless to say, it is much to early to assume that any role is etched in stone, put let's take a look nonetheless.
1st Unit: QB, Trent Steelman ; FB, Larry Dixon ; RB Raymond Maples; RB, Terrance Baggett; WR, E.J. Tucker; WR, Patrick Laird; RG Steve Shumaker; RT, Derek Bisgard; LG, Frank Allen; LT, Ben Jebb& C, Ryan Powis.
1st Unit: QB, Angel Santiago; FB, Hayden Tippett; RB, [db]Jared Hassin; RB, Stephen Fraser WR, Anthony Stephens; WR, Michael Hudson ; RG, Will Wilson; RT, [db]Daniel Whitaker; LG, John Szott LT, Tom Houser& C, Todd McDonald.
Note: The Black Knight resume practice on February 15th.

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