March 7, 2012

The Annual Black & Gold Spring Game at Fort Benning

This is not a controlled scrimmage, but an actual ball game that will be an opportunity for several players to show off their game while under the microscope.

Friday's contest at Fort Benning's Doughboy Stadium will have the two teams will split up between Infantry and Armor, which represent the two division at Fort Benning. The squads will be divided right down the middle, where each position will be split equally amongst the team ... so that it's a fair fight.

"It will be neat to see how some players react in front of a crowd," shares Army offensive coordinator, Ian Shields," when speaking of the projected attendance number between 8k - 10k scheduled to be on hand to take in the game.

This will serve as an opportunity for the coaching staff to see how some of the younger players react in a real time game situation or as some would say, what happens when the proverbial lights come on.

Obviously, with the entire team traveling down to Georgia, it will offer the first big college stage for several players.

The format for the contest will consist of four quarters of football, but with 10 minute quarters and the coaching staff will be split as well, as the manage the game from the sidelines.

Scheduled to be in attendance will be an number Who's, Who amongst the Army ranks, which will include Colonel Greg Gadson; Captain Scott Smiley, who is a Wounded Warrior; Medal of Honor winner Paul "Buddy" Bucha to name a few.

Black & Gold Spring Game Notes:

Quarterback Trent Steelman, who has had enough game reps under this belt, will be held out of Friday's spring game, eliminating the risk of getting him injured.

The game will be audio streamed live on, as well as live stats that will be posted as soon after the game.

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