March 21, 2012

Video: Izzo, Spartans hope to avoid 'chaos' against Cards

EAST LANSING - Saint Louis tried to beat Michigan State by taking away transition scoring opportunities and limiting the ways in which Big Ten Player of the Year Draymond Green could impact the game.

Tom Izzo expects Louisville to attack his team in an altogether different manner.

"The way Louisville plays, I don't know if they will be looking to take him away as much as they will create chaos for everybody," said the Michigan State head coach. "That is their system, that is their style. Just like for the most part, Saint Louis was what theirs is and Wisconsin's is what theirs is. This is a definite style that is played and the style is to created as much chaos as possible."

Michigan State defeated Louisville in 2009 to advance to the Final Four in Detroit. Izzo said that neither team resembles the teams that met in Indianapolis three years ago.

"We were both different teams," Izzo said. "I think both of us were more talented if you want the truth, both of us. They did not have a great game and they had just played brilliantly for a couple of weeks. We deserve a little bit of credit for that, but it was just one of those games. And we were playing for something special and not that they weren't in a Final Four. But having it in your home state with all of the things that were going on in the state of Michigan. All of the stars kind of lined up for us. I thought that they were a little better than us then. I think that both teams are very even right now. We offer different things. We play a little bit different style and yet I think if we take care of the ball that we can run and we can slow it up. I don't know how he feels they can do it, but I know that they can get after you and turn you over."

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