May 21, 2012

Mabin working with Iowa QB

While the other incoming Iowa wide receivers will be learning what it feels like to catch footballs from one of the Hawkeye signal callers, it will be old hat for Greg Mabin when he arrives on campus in early July. Mabin will spend much of the next month working out with current Hawkeye signal caller Jake Rudock down in Florida. He talks about those workouts, and much more.

Q: What kind of workouts have you been doing this spring to prepare to come to Iowa?

MABIN: I've been working out with some of my teammates here at the high school doing some lifting and running. I feel like I am stronger and faster than I have ever been. We have also been doing a little football work as much as we can, catching passes and things like that.

Q: When will you arrive in Iowa City?

MABIN: I will be on campus on July 7th. That's when I will do my freshman orientation and start working out with the team.

Q: When is graduation?

MABIN: May 25th. We actually finished up classes on Thursday, so I'm done with school now and just waiting for graduation.

Q: So you are waiting a bit before heading to Iowa City.

MABIN: Yeah, my mom wants me to wait a bit because this will be my last summer at home with her and she wants to spend a little more time with me before I go off to college. Plus, my birthday is next month, so she wants me to be home for that.

Q: Is it is going to be a tough month waiting to get to Iowa City and are you starting to get anxious to get there?

MABIN: I'm already anxious to get there and start working with my teammates. If it were really up to me, I would already be there. I feel really comfortable with Iowa and the community there. I am excited to get that and start working.

Q: What has your contact been with Coach Campbell and what does he expect from you this summer?

MABIN: He sent me the playbook and all of those things. He said he wants me to come in with the mentality that I am competing for a starting job. He just tells me to come in and do my best and try to produce.

Q: There seems to be an opportunity for one or more of the freshmen wide receivers to come in and potentially earn some playing time. Is that the mentality you are taking into this year?

MABIN: That is my mentality coming into this. I am going to work as if I am going to be a starter. I have a lot of respect for guys like Keenan Davis and Kevonte Martin-Manley, but I am going to work my butt off to try to earn a starting spot.

Q: Once you arrive in Iowa City is the plan to start working with Coach Doyle and also get to know the quarterbacks better?

MABIN: I think we are going to have two workouts per day and I am looking forward to working with Coach Doyle. I will do whatever he asks me to do since he is the best in the business at what he does. I am also going to be getting together with Jake Rudock this summer. He is already down here in Florida, so we will be working out together and I'll be catching some passes from him. I think that will help be even more prepared for when I arrive in Iowa City.

Q: Have you guys had a chance to workout together yet?

MABIN: Not yet since he got back down here. We worked out over winter break at a quarterback camp and I was able to catch some passes from him. He is really good. He is unreal good at quarterback. He throws harder than I remember and is amazingly accurate. We are still working on that quarterback/receiver chemistry, but I am sure we will get that quickly.

Q: What has Jake told you about the new offense and does he like it?

MABIN: He says he really likes it a lot. He said it gives him a chance to control the game and get the receivers more involved.

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