August 15, 2012

Entrance Interview: Jordan Woods

There will be few more exciting times in the lives of Purdue's incoming freshmen football and basketball players than this summer, as they prepare to move on to college.

This spring and summer, is catching up with those new Boilermakers to discuss it in our new "Entrance Interview" series.

Our next interview is with wide receiver Jordan Woods, who is an underclassman for the first time in half a decade.

Gold & Black: You arrived at Purdue just before the start of camp. How has it been?
"I was really nervous to start it off, but it's been good, nice getting to know everybody. I didn't come down in the summer, so I didn't get to know all of my incoming freshmen teammates, so it's been nice to get to know them during camp and whatnot, and get to know my roommate, Cameron Posey. The flow of practice is a lot different from high school, so it's taken some time to get used to it. It's a lot of thinking, a lot of learning you've got to do, and it's kind of overwhelming at times, but I'm working on it."

Gold & Black: The whole experience is much different than high school.
"Instead of driving to school and classes being down the hall, I've got to go across campus and ride my bike and whatnot. It's definitely going to be a new experience."

Gold & Black: You got here later than others, so was it like you were a newcomer among newcomers?
"Oh definitely. When we came for orientation earlier in the summer, I felt totally out of it because they were all working out and everything and I just wasn't there. So I did feel out of it."

Gold & Black: Why did you decide to stay home? You're school goes late, right?
"I couldn't take summer classes. My school does go late. I didn't graduate until the 15th and classes (here) had started before then so it was hard for me to get here and take summer courses."

Gold & Black: Have you ever been away from home?
"I haven't been away from home, but I'm not that far, so it's not bad. My parents will come to every game, so it's not like I won't be able to see them. But it's also far enough away so I can grow up and whatnot."

Gold & Black: Are you looking forward to the rest of the students getting here, and getting the real college experience started?
"Oh yeah, definitely. I've only been here once when all the students were here and that's when we played Ohio State and that was really exciting, but now I'm going to get to experience it all, see everyone move in and get to live in the dorm with all the new freshmen. I'm looking forward to it."

Gold & Black: Does anything make you nervous?
"I'm pretty much have gotten all the nervous stuff out, the first hitting practice, first practice in general, but I am kind of nervous about classes and balancing it all out, with football and studying hall and everything."

Gold & Black: Have you taken a big hit yet, to sort of get that out of the way?
"(Thursday) in Boiler Drill, I went a little head-on-head contact, but I haven't gotten hit, like tackled, yet."

Gold & Black: What are your expectations for your freshman year?
"I'm just trying to gain some weight, get to know the playbook really well and really work on my routes. That needs improvement in my game. And just getting to know my teammates and just having fun."

Gold & Black: Do you expect to redshirt?
"That's what I'm expecting. No one has told me, but I'm pretty sure that's what's going to happen."

Gold & Black: Now, your high school was new, right?
"There were two high schools in Ann Arbor, and the biggest one was like 3,000 kids and they wanted to split it up. So I wasn't originally in the district, but I got in through open enrollment. It started out as all freshmen, then freshmen and sophomores and so forth, so seniors initiating the freshmen is all knew. I've basically been a senior since like the eighth grades because I've always been the oldest class. So that is a different experience."

Gold & Black: So your freshmen year, you were the only kids in the school?
"There was only 250 kids and we only used half of the school."

Gold & Black: How did you play football?
"It was only the freshmen class, so we would get people to play only the freshmen teams and that's how we played."

Gold & Black: When did varsity start?
"Junior year."

Gold & Black: That must have been rough.
"Yes, we went 0-9 and it was very difficult. Our line, we were really small. Not just our line, everywhere was really small, we had no real varsity experience, so it was definitely a challenge, but we persevered through that. And we all learned a lot from it."

Gold & Black: Being a smaller school, a newer one, did that hurt, or slow, your recruiting?
"I didn't know how the recruiting process happened. That's what I was told, it was a new school and no one really knows about it, so maybe that's why I didn't get as much exposure. But Purdue found me and I'm happy to be here."

Gold & Black: Will your parents be able to come down often?
"We're only like four hours away, so it's not that bad."

Gold & Black: Why No. 88?
"I actually wanted No. 1, but they gave me 88. I'll see if I can request No. 1 in the spring."

Gold & Black: Maybe when you get some playing time …
"Just expecting to be a redshirt, I'm assuming I'm not on the top of the pole with the number I wanted. Maybe, hopefully, next year I can get No. 1."

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