January 7, 2013

Another day at Army for OL, Patrick Joseph

Patrick Joseph out of Hamilton High School in Chandler (Ariz.).

!--Start Image-->GoBlackKnights.com caught up with the Army commit, who not only brings a resume of talent to the program, but also a winning attitude.

At Hamilton, the team went on a 12-0 run that eventually pushed their season record to 12-2, which was sealed by a decisive 31-16 victory over Mountain Pointe for the Arizona 5A Championship. Not only did it recognize Hamilton as the Big Dawg on the block, but it was payback to Mountain Pointe, who provided the Huskies their first lost of the season.

Although Joseph would be the first to share how much he relishes his days of success at Hamilton, it is crystal clear that his focus is now on being part of building something special as an Army Black Knight. "My visit to West Point was great and went great ... I got there about 6pm on Friday, said Joseph, who made the solo journey eastward.

For the weekend, Joseph's player-host was junior fullback Hayden Tippett, as all the recruits with their respective hosts got right into it.

"On Friday, we ate dinner and our player host gave us a tour of the Kimsey Center," shared Joseph. "After that, we went to an Army hockey and they won 5-0."

Of course, this wasn't Joseph's first visit to Army and the 6-foot-3, 285 pounder pointed out that this time around, he was able to embrace the moment with a different pair of eyes.

"It wasn't that much different in terms of things they showed us," adds Joseph. "What was different was my perspective. How I thought on my unofficial visit when I wasn't committed, but this time around I felt more in touch with everything and more part of it. I could definitely see myself there, because I will be there in few months and it kind of change the way I looked at everything."

With that, Joseph indicated that he even felt a different vibe from his player-host during the course of his visit. "Yes, Hayden knew I was committed," said Joseph when asked of his newly found sense of brotherhood. "Yes, I really felt that way (brotherhood), I felt like he really accepted me and he received me as if I was already his teammate .... he was a really great host."

And the bonding continue, as Joseph was able to connect with several of his future teammates, like 3-star defensive end, Andrew McLean
"It went great ... they (other commits) seem like really good guys and I'm looking forward to having them as teammates," shared Joseph of his connection with the others on hand.

"I got to hang out with Andrew a little bit and we got to talk, and where we see ourselves in the next few months. His outlook is pretty much the same as mine, where he's really eager to get out there and really eager to start up his career at the prep school. He feels pretty much the same way I do, in that he's really looking forward to it and he thinks that he is going to do well."

Joseph was quick to point out that he and the other commits did their best to convince some of the other non-committed recruits on hand that Army is the place to be. "We kind of spoke to a few of the other kids there, who were on the fence and told them our outlook on it, and that it's such a great opportunity ... you should definitely consider it," says Joseph, who chuckles as he reflects on the full-court press he and other commits put on some of the non-committed prospects that were on hand."

Of course, Joseph has now regulated himself to getting physically ready for the next level, as the future Black Knight provided this brief insight. "I'm doing my cardio stuff, all on my own," he says. "And for strength I'm seeing a guy Ernest Jones, he's my trainer. He played at Oregon and the NFL for a few years."

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