March 22, 2013

Morgan paying attention

Could some of the same lessons Blair Walsh learned as a rookie for the Minnesota Vikings pay dividends for Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan next fall?

According to Morgan, he thinks they already have.

"What helped him in the NFL was just to slow down by two-tenths of a second, and that makes all the difference," Morgan said after practice Thursday. "We've been timing it. Usually a 1.3 is good, you have enough time to hit a nice solid ball and it won't get blocked if you have good, solid blocking by the line. I looked at our O-line the other day, they're huge, I don't know how anybody can get by them."

Walsh has taken a personal interest in Morgan as well.

Although the two have yet to actually kicked together, Morgan said Walsh has been good about giving him some pointers, suggestions he's readily been willing to accept.

"We hang out a good bit now. We've got a lot closer since he's been down here, we haven't kicked, but he's watched me and given me a bunch of good pointers that have really helped," Morgan said. "He's a great mentor, a great guy. To see what he's been doing, imitate his form has really helped me out a lot."

Finding the acceptable level of consistency continues to be Morgan's primary goal.

After connecting on 8 of 14 field goals and just 63 of 67 extra points, Morgan knows now it was a slight flaw similar to one corrected by Walsh he contributed to his issues.

One other adjustment has been made as well.

"I've widened out my steps a little bit and our last two field goal practices and I haven't missed a kick. I feel real confident out there," Morgan said. "Me, Nathan (long-snapper Nathan Theus) and Adam (Erickson), we've been getting a lot of reps in there and that's what helps accuracy the most - the more you kick, the better you get. I'm still lifting and working out real hard but I'm kicking more than I ever have before."