June 18, 2013

Joel Berry Honored to be at Top 100

This past weekend, Joel Berry[db] participated against some of the best point guards and overall players in Charlottesville at the NBA Top100 Camp.

Berry had nothing but good things to say about the camp and was honored to be competing against some of the best players, displaying his talents and participate in the long process to his ultimate goal in life; reaching the NBA.

"It's a great opportunity to be able to play with the best of the best," Berry said. "Out of 500,000 players, bring the top 100 kids here to compete and to show your talents and to just be able to compete as a team and show that even though there is a lot of talent on the court, you can still play as a team."

Berry continued to talk about what he expected to get out of the camp while being there.

"We have a lot of NBA players that are coaches, and I want to be able to soak up all the knowledge in a camp like this. It's just the process to make it in the NBA."

During the camp, Berry averaged 5.5 points a game and lead in assists over the weekend, averaging 4.2 assists per game, which allowed Berry to be named one of the two All-Stars of the camp (the other being [db]Justin Jackson).

It also allowed the future Tar Heels to catch up, as multiple times THI saw the future Tar Heels together along the side lines. It also allowed them to compete against each other, as each player faced off each other at different times.

Even though each wanted to win, it allowed each player to get a little taste of what each other will have to offer coming into North Carolina in 2014. Berry had a few words about his future teammates and what he has been able to notice how each player plays on the floor.

"I like about their game is that they are unselfish and they play together as a team," Berry replied.

"I know Justin and Theo can score and play defense; they are just all around good players, but they come together as a team, they are great team players."

"Theo is a great defensive player and can score. Justin is the same way and they are both workhorses and I can't wait to team up with them at North Carolina."

Jackson was able to display his ability to score on the court in multiple ways, as did Pinson. Also, the two certainly did display their talents on the defensive end of the ball on several occasions.

However, Berry was the one that showed and stepped up the most on the defensive in the games, displaying his quick feet, how he can anticipate where the offensive player is going, and being able to steal the ball on different occasions.

However, that is no fluke, as Berry has been working hard on the defensive end throughout the year, something that he has mentioned multiple times in the past interviews with TarheelIllustrated.

In the first game of the camp, Berry went up against future Wake Forest player, Shelton Mitchell and certainly showed how quick he can be against a very good point guard and someone that he will be going up against in the future.

Here is what Berry had to say about his defensive presence after the camp.

"I just have been working on anticipation and jumping the lane," said Berry when asked about what he has been working on throughout the offseason defensive wise.
"Just play on the ball defense and speed the offense up and that leads to bad decisions and that speeds up the offense. So that's what I try to work on and everybody can score and everybody can play on the offensive end but it what you do on the defensive end."

Even though this past weekend, no coaches were allowed, Berry did mention that he and Roy Williams have been in contact, as the two seem to catch up on things quite often seemingly.
"He (Roy) called and just sees how I'm doing. Just wanted to keep updated on how the program is doing and everything; he just checks in to see how everything is doing."

This won't be the last time the future Tar Heels will meet up again, as there are multiple events coming up in the offseason, and the Nike EYBL will be wrapping up in July.

But Berry seemed to certainly enjoy his time and his chance to shine, in what was a very successful weekend for the three future Tar Heels.

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