July 19, 2004

Horns in the lead for top-rated hoops star

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Here is the Q & A with the ultra talented 2006 small forward.

Q: What is your height and weight?

A: I'm weighing 225 pounds, I think. I'm right at 6-8 (legit height and

Q: How did you play at Reebok Camp?

A: I played well the last few days. I got off to a slow start the first
day, but I got going after that. I was on the underclassman all-star

Q: Do you have a cousin in the majors?

A: Yeah, my cousin is Delvin James (Nacogdoches High). He is a pitcher
for the Angels.

Q: What schools are you considering?

A: Syracuse, Florida, Texas, Arizona and North Carolina.

Q: Are those in order of preference?

A: Not at all.

Q: Do you have a favorite at this

A: I really like all of them, but Texas has the advantage right now.

Q: What has Texas in the lead?

A: They are close to home, they win a lot and they have really good

Q: When will you make a decision?

A: I will probably commit to a college after my junior season. I'm also
looking at the league too. If I'm in the position to be drafted high, I
would like to go to

the league.

Q: What do you consider your strength
as a player?

A: I can score from any position. I can bring the ball down or I can
play down low. It doesn't matter where I play - I can play it."

Q: What do you consider a weakness?

A: I need to continue to tighten up my dribble, keep working on my
perimeter defense and jumper."

Q: How was your experience at the
Texas Elite Camp last month?

A: It went good. It was fun to play against the older guys like P.J.
Tucker. I thought I held my own."

Q: Who is the best player you have
played  against?

A: I don't know. I guess Derrick Character (big time PF from New
Jersey). He played really well against the AAU team I'm with, but we
never guarded each other.

Q: Thanks for the time Damion and
we'll talk again soon.

A: No problem.

Notes from Gerry: Damion is a highly
motivated kid and really wants be the best player in Texas for 2006. At
the moment, he's battling Darrell Arthur for that honor. One thing to
keep an eye on is the fact that Nacogdoches and Dallas South Oak Cliff
are trying to schedule a game for this season. If that game goes down,
it could be one of the better match-ups of the seas

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