April 25, 2006

Reynolds Reboots

When an athlete has grown up the majority of his adolescent life as an athletic anomaly there is often a certain attitude developed. There are no reasonable scapegoats to blame the continuous growth of the prima donna mentality in the recruiting process. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to encounter players concerned with more than self-serving ideals.

Perhaps one of the most misinformed opinions in the recruiting world today can be found in Herndon, Virg,. point guard and former University of Oklahoma signee, Scottie Reynolds. Scratching to make sense of his recent request to be released from his letter of intent, opinions and theories behind his request has led towards a dark trail of untruth. Herndon head coach Gary Hall has heard enough and he was eager to have a soapbox to explain the situation to Oklahoma fans, as well as college basketball fans in general.

Reynolds wants to be surrounded by people he trusts believe in him and his abilities whole-heartedly. One of the most special parts about Reynolds relationship with coach Sampson was the level of trust built between the two in their friendship.

Essentially, though, the head coach was by no means the sole reason Reynolds chose Oklahoma initially. He felt comfortable with the campus, the opportunity Oklahoma presented to him, but especially the supporting staff of coaches coach Sampson had on staff.

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