June 26, 2006

Quick catchup with J.J. Hickson

JJ Hickson is back fro the U18 USA tryouts and he's not pleased, falling just short of making the team. That's the big news with Hickson these days, and though he wasn't thrilled about not making the team he chatted with NinerReport.com to give a quick update on how his recruitment has been going, among other things.

NinerReport: How was the U18 tryouts?

JJ Hickson: Well I got cut last night.

NR: That competition was stiff though, and at least you made the last cut.

JH: Yeah well I should've made the team though. I can't say why I didn't. I don't know. I just wanted to make it.

NR: Well, the bottomline is that some good players are gonna get cut because everyone trying out is a star.

JH: That's true.

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