July 7, 2006

Beck leads the way

At BYU, the concept "as the quarterback goes, so goes the team" is accepted by many of its fans as doctrine and, more than with most football programs, it's probably true. A quarterback does more than just move the ball on offense. The BYU quarterback has the role of imbuing the team with confidence and swagger. When it is present, the whole team knows that after the game is done, BYU will be the team to walk off the field victorious.

That swagger has been missing for the past few years from BYU's team. It had been buried in turmoil as the team struggled to find its identity. This year, however, that elusive quality is emerging, starting at the crucial quarterback position. For senior and third year starting quarterback John Beck, there is finally no pre-season controversy and no question; he is the unchallenged No. 1 QB at BYU. For Beck, an expected NFL draft pick next year, it's been a long time coming.

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