July 12, 2006

Workout Insider: Griffin pulling his weight

The summer workouts are now past the halfway point. That means that in less than four weeks, preseason practices will be underway with the season opener at Miami right around the corner.

Through the first five weeks of the summer program, there has been unprecedented attendance, outstanding camaraderie and improvement in both the conditioning and strength of the team.

"I've just really been pleased with the attendance, the work ethic, and the leadership," strength and conditioning coach Jon Jost said. "There are just very few things that aren't going well. We just need to continue on the same path we are headed down and continue to progress."

In addition to improving the players' conditioning and agility with the daily outside workouts, the other goal this time of year is for everybody to get as strong as possible. Last week, there was a big emphasis in the weight room with a lot of heavy lifting. That will be the case again next week and the players will be tracked in the bench press, squat and clean.

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