August 8, 2006

Iowa Media Day: Humpal set to impress

When Kirk Ferentz and Norm Parker start singing the praises of a player who has yet to earn significant playing time, your ears start to perk up. The singing started this spring and into the fall about Mike Humpal, who is slated to earn a starting spot at linebacker. Humpal talks about reacting to the praise, coming back from significant knee surgery, the importance of the defensive line, and much more.

Q: You have certainly received a lot of positive comments from Coach Ferentz and Coach Parker about your play coming into the season. Does that give you more confidence?

HUMPAL: Yeah, I guess. What that tells me is that they expect a lot out of myself and the other linebackers. I don't really look further into it than that.

Q: Does it feel funny now in camp without Chad and Abdul?

HUMPAL: It is a little different because they have been here every year since I have been here. At the same time, it is nice to get our chance and see how we are going to do.

Q: Walk me though the knee surgeries that you have been though. I have heard that no one has come back and played football after a surgery like this.

HUMPAL: I don't know about that. I haven't heard that.

Q: Walk me though what the surgery was.

HUMPAL: I don't necessarily know everything exactly, but it was something that was genetic with my cartilage. It kept falling off, so they went in there and repaired it to keep it from falling off.

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