August 14, 2006

Hills ready to take the next step

As the Texas Longhorns head into the 2006 season, they'll be doing so with two new starters on the offensive line. One of those first-time starters is junior offensive lineman Tony Hills, who was the primary back-up at tackle in 2005. had a chance to visit with Hills this weekend and we got his thoughts on his new role in the offense.

Q: How do you think things have been going so far? How does it feel to be in the starting line-up?

A: I'm getting comfortable with it day-by day. It's not like I've never played. I've done it before, so now I'm just trying to take my intensity level up and pay more attention to details on the field, and getting the mental aspects of the game down more than anything.

Q: Are you still the flow session leader on this team?

A: Oh, no doubt. There's no doubt about it.

Q: Can you give us a sample?

A: I can't do that right now. Y'all can't put me on the spot (laughing).

Q: How do you feel like the offensive line is playing together right now?

A: We're gelling together well. Like I said, every day is a learning curve for us because this is the first time that we've all played together as a whole, as far as this starting line I concerned. Right now we are just trying to get some chemistry going, but I think we're doing real well.

Q: Mack Brown has said on several occasions that he thinks you have a chance to be as good as any tackle he's had at Texas. What do you think when you hear that?

A: Basically, I take it as him having confidence in me and I have confidence in myself, so as long as I keep working hard I'll let the Lord take care of it from there. I never really pay attention to the comments about how great people think I can be or how great they think I am. Once you start thinking that you are better than everybody and you stop working, that's when you fall off. I just have to keep working every day.

Q: So, what are your expectations for yourself this year?

A: Just to get better. This year I want to pick up the mental aspects of the game, kind of like knowing what the defense is going to do before they are doing it - things like that. Technique wise, I want to get technically sound. I just want to be as physical as I can and help my team win every game.

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