August 15, 2006

Wildcat running backs learning new tricks

Josh Freeman's orders were simple as he awaited the snap from a staff member on the middle field ("You control the tempo, Josh," offensive coordinator James Franklin said), but Franklin demanded quick and decisive execution from his six running backs during a drill.

Seniors Carlos Alsup and Donnie Anders, junior Terry Petrie, sophomore John McCardle and freshman Jake Feldt watched on as senior Thomas Clayton took a handoff and stepped to his left before darting right, sweeping past Franklin, the ball tucked near his chin.

"Hip and slip on me!" Franklin yelled. "Hip and slip!"

One by one, each running back followed in the drill.

"Make him think inside, dip outside and go again," running backs coach Tim Horton told Alsup while demonstrating the move on Franklin.

Next up: Anders. Step, step, boom.

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