August 18, 2006

Young talks about Jayhawks defense

In college football so many times you hear a coach talk about a players talent or potential. There is always the unknown until the player steps on the field and performs on Saturday.

That's the case with the Kansas defense this year. Several key names are gone from last year, but there are players with talent ready to step in and get the job done, but they lack the game-time experience.

The 2006 version of the Kansas defense may not have the game experience, but the talent is there. Now they have to put it all together.

"We're a much faster team this year," said Kansas defensive coordinator Bill Young.

"We had some very good linebackers last year. Speed is a tough thing to judge. You can have a guy that reads so quick on his first step and gets there just a fast. That player might get there faster than a player who is faster than him but takes a false step. That's where we are. We have some young guys who are faster and more athletic. But we just need to see how that pans out."

Gone are steady faces like Nick Reid, Kevin, Kane, and Banks Floodman. But the new group brings physical attributes that maybe the past ones didn't.

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