August 19, 2006

Q&A with Kregg Lumpkin

After suffering a major knee injury in the spring of 2004 and missing all of
that season, junior running back Kregg Lumpkin is having a tremendous
fall. Lumpkin is playing his way to more carries and playing time when the season
starts. UGASports caught up with the running back to ask him about fall practice
and sharing the workload at running back.

UGASports: Did you have another long run during Friday's

Lumpkin: "I just have to give thanks to the offensive
linemen and the wide receivers for blocking down field and the fullback for
giving me open lanes to run through."

UGASports: What is your approach to the amount of playing
time you get this season?

Lumpkin: "I just want to stay focused and prepared for
when they call my name and I have to stay in the game."

UGASports: How does the offense look right now?

Lumpkin: "I think we are improving overall and we just
have to keep improving and minimize the amount of mental mistakes."

UGASports: Have any of them freshman impressed you so far?

Lumpkin: "At running back Knowshon Moreno is impressive.
Many of the defensive players like the cornerbacks, defensive ends, and the
linebackers are impressive. I think they will be a talented group of players
as the years go on."

UGASports: What part of your game did you work on in the off-season?

Lumpkin: "Mental preparation and a couple of little
moves because Coach (Tony) Ball focuses on techniques and fundamentals."

UGASports: How would you rate where Moreno is in comparison
with where you or the other running back started as freshman?

Lumpkin: "He is learning a lot faster than I was at
that time. I had Tony Milton, Michael Cooper, and Tyson Browning helping me
along. Me, Thomas (Brown), and Danny (Ware) are trying to help him along just
like all the players before us."

UGASports: How competitive are the running backs for the available

Lumpkin: "Their will always be some competitiveness,
but we still got to show brotherly love. On and off the field we are connected
as a group."

UGASports: With all the uncertainty with the quarterbacks
are you encouraged about the amount of carries the running backs will get this

Lumpkin: "If it happens that way we will be ready to

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