August 19, 2006

Bobino is ready to carry a bigger load

As the Texas Longhorns prepare to enter the 2006 season, they'll be looking for new players to emerge as the face of the team in the leadership department now that Vince Young has left for the NFL. One player that has emerged as one of those new leaders is third-year sophomore Rashad Bobino. had a chance to sit down with the personable Bobino this week to get his thoughts on the up-coming season.

Q: Do you ever stop and think about how you are now a two-year starter for the national champions and just a few years ago you were a two-star recruit that a few people had big questions about?

A: Oh my God, I had so many doubters and it goes out to that Rivals cat - what's his name? Bobby Burton? I got a chance to talk to him and I (asked) him, "Why did you rank me as a two-star player? You know I'm way better than that. I showed you the film" He told me that I was too short to play and I've been catching heck ever since. I'm glad. You deserved it. Coming in, a lot of people doubted me and said I was too short and when you put a challenge to me, I'm going to take that challenge and step up to the plate. That's the kind of person I am and so far I've been excelling. I've just got to keep doing it.

Q: Do those doubts that people had about you back them still resonate deep inside of you? Is it still a source of inspiration?

A: It doesn't mess with me any more. As long as I'm doing my job on the field and in practice, and doing my work in school and being a great person that I try to be every day, it doesn't bother me. What do they know? They can't judge me. They don't see me every day. They don't know my personality. They don't come and see practice to see what I do. Other than that, they are just people talking and being critics. It's ok. You are going to critique me, but you don't know me, so let me do me.

Q: Do you think too much is made of the recruiting rankings?

A: Most people don't actually get to see the athletes that are coming in to play, so they go on the computer and they go to Rivals, and they rate how good you are, and you are rated on your stars, which you shouldn't do that. Don't judge a book by its cover. Open the book first. People were judging me by my cover. All of a sudden when I come out and play they say, "Hey, he's not that bad."

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