August 24, 2006

Everyone in North has reason to dream

College football fans around the nation can't wait for the kickoff of the 2006 season, but one shouldn't overlook the joys of the preseason either. For now, everybody is undefeated and still has reason to dream big; in less than two weeks roughly half of the programs throughout the country will be saddled with a loss with weaknesses already starting to show.

Members of the Big 12 Conference are no different from the rest. Considering how wide open the North Division again appears to be, perhaps its members have more reason for optimism than most.

That sentence may sound odd, considering the North's recent struggles against the South, but anybody can beat anybody in what most in the national media now look at as the Big 12's 'B' Division. Win the North and you're just a step away - albeit a big step - from a Big 12 Championship and a spot in a BCS bowl.

With that said, let's take a look at each team in the North in alphabetical order - alphabetical so I don't have to go out on a limb with my predicted finish - and examine reasons for hope and causes for concern in each program.

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